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12th Headies Expectations: What to Expect from This Year’s Headies Awards

12th Headies Expectations

12th Headies Expectations  – The Headies, formerly known as the Hip Hop World awards, is arguably the most anticipated music industry award in Nigeria. Interestingly, in a move that fans the flames of anticipation amongst industry watchers and fans, the organizers of the annual award have announced that this year edition of the awards will be held on May 5th 2018.

According to reliable source from Hip TV, this year’s awards promise to be great as they are do everything to make it a fantastic show. This year’s edition is the 12th  Edition and its titled “Create A Rare Experience” (CARE)

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Since the award was established in 2006, the list of nominees has always been a subject for hot debate amongst fans of the Nigerian music industry. Year-in-year-out, controversy has trailed the winners of the major categories of the awards, further defining its reputation and making it one of the most controversial music awards in Nigeria.

The last two editions of the Headies have been quite dramatic, and much of the controversy has centered around one award category in particular – “the Next Rated”. This award category recognizes the most talented “upcoming” artiste with outstanding musical work over the period in consideration.  The winner of this award category is presented a brand new SUV as well as a 21 Carat gold-plated plaque recognizing their exploits.

Over the years, the Headies has cultivated a reputation for dynamic innovation, and it comes as no surprise to entertainment industry enthusiasts when the organizers of the awards announced a few changes are being made to the way it is being conducted. The Nominees party will be in Abuja this year, so it promise to be amazing


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Considering the announcement that four new categories have been added to the already existing 21, the 2017 awards promises to be all-inclusive of all major stakeholders in the entertainment industry.


By creating the “Headies viewer’s choice” category, the organizers seek better engagement of the fans, as the major cause of the controversy that has trailed the awards has emanated from the fact that the popular choice artistes have not always won the awards. The Headies viewer’s choice will no doubt address this perceived bias, by leaving a whole category to the whims of the viewers and fans.

Another new category is “the Industry brand supporter”, which seeks to applaud corporate bodies and brands that have sponsored and supported the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry. This is laudable, as it is bound to lure more corporate investment to as well as improve corporate brand involvement in the entertainment industry.

The “Best performer award” has been created to encourage originality and showmanship, as well as improve stage performances by the “entertainers” in the Nigerian music industry. Artistes will no doubt up their game and give their followers value for their money when they attend their concerts and shows. This is a very good one for the industry.

In my opinion, the most important award added to the 2017 Headies is the “Best Songwriter” category. This award will drive creativity amongst the talents who work behind the scene; composing and writing the lyrics for the songs we have come to love and appreciate. This show of appreciation and acknowledgement for the songwriters in the Nigerian entertainment industry is long overdue, and this welcome development bodes well for the quality of the lyrical content of the songs being released in the near future.

Previous editions of the Headies have been fraught with complaints over technical issues, and even the 2016 edition was postponed by about two days to enable them sort out some logistics issues. It is believed that the 2017 edition to be held May 5th will be a great show. Hip Hop World Magazine the owners of Hip Tv and the organizers of the Headies will no doubt attempt to outdo their counterpart from Sound city, who have been greatly lauded for successful hosting their MVP awards a few weeks ago.

The Headies is arguably Africa’s most prestigious music and entertainment award, and many artistes who have won this award at some point in their career have gone on to record massive success. All eyes will be on who wins the album of the year, song of the year, Best vocalist of the year, but most importantly, the “Next Rated” awards.

Feel free to drop us your predictions for the major categories of the 12th Headies 2017 Expectations, as we look forward to the the show

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