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3 Popular New Year Resolutions Many Nigerians Will Make But Fail To Keep In 2022

With the year 2022 rapidly approaching, it is common for Nigerians to write a couple of heartfelt new year resolutions, but more than half of these resolutions are never kept.

Many Nigerians make various inspirational resolutions on December 31st and then return to their regular lives on January 5th. Isn’t it funny? However, this is the truth. Here are 3 New Year’s Resolutions that many people will break in 2022.

1. No More Betting

Some people are gambling addicts. Telling these people to cease betting is similar to telling a cat and a rat to be friends. They may casually declare that they will stop gambling in 2021, but within a few hours or days in 2022, they will begin browsing for “sure odds” or shouting over 2.5 or GG at betting shops.

It is impossible to stop gambling if you continue to have the same group of friends or if you have greed in you. So, if you truly want to stop betting next year, begin by changing your friends and stay satisfied with what you have.

2. No More Drinking Of alcohol

“No more drinking of Alchol” is one of the new year pledges most Nigerians would never keep in 2022. You’ll be surprised to see that the same man or woman who pledged never to drink alcohol on December 31st will begin drinking again after the first week of January.

3. No Sex Before Marriage

This is one of the resolutions that women usually make on the 31st of December, after crossover service. Unfortunately, while saying it is simple, putting it into action can be challenging. Even if the lady is sincere about it, I’m sure her boyfriend will persuade her into it.

Which of these New Year’s Resolutions do you find the most difficult to keep?

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