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7 Unusual Airbnb San Antonio properties with a pool

The fact that San Antonio has emerged the seventh most populous state in the United States is enough to notify us that San Antonio is very human resourceful.

It is no surprise because there are indeed lots of establishments and beauty to attract all and sundry such as the Riverwalk, SeaWorld, and Downtown and so on to this populous state.

So, if you are coming down to San Antonio to stay for a while, you will need a lodging place at our AirBnB homes with all basic furnishings and amenities. If you love the water, our unusual AirBnB San Antonio properties with pool are available for your comfort.


The pool is one lovely part of our homes as it helps you relax, reduces stress and besides, it gives the house an aesthetic touch.

  1. Elegant Pool house

This elegant home is fully furnished and entirely spacious with its two lovely rooms and four beds. It can accommodate up to eight guests and has a beautiful pool. This Airbnb San Antonio property with pool goes for only $59 per night.

  1. Home view mansion with pool

In the best location possible, this mansion for rent in San Antonio is well spacious with a lovely pool built in. This is one Airbnb San Antonio property which, like the others, is sparkling clean and furnished with beautiful amenities such as a cool TV, available Wi-Fi, and the likes. You are assured of an enjoyable vacation in San Antonio with this mansion at $66 only.

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  1. Moonpool guesthouse

Located in the historic Monticello Park, in the downtown area, this home is fully furnished with all the fittings and amenities you will need and to make it the more unusual, it has a beautiful pool with it. This Airbnb San Antonio property with a pool is one you should consider, and it is affordably available at only $82 per night.

  1. Pool Castle San Antonio

This is a three bedroom apt. With two baths, newly renovated home with a lovely pool, fireplace and other amenities like Wi-Fi, 70” flat screen TV in a living area, fully equipped kitchen, patio with table and chairs and large television. Maybe you’re looking for an AirBnB party house in San Antonio; this Pool Castle is one you should consider for only $186.

  1. Comfy home with pool

This lovely place is close to all the attractions in San Antonio like downtown, Six Flags, Sea World, Medical Center, UTSA, USAA, Grocery Stores, Cinema, and the likes. There is even a nightclub in walking distance, and importantly, it has a pool. You may want to rent a house for a party in San Antonio, this home is comfortable enough. It’s available for rent at $71 per night. 

  1. Lovely pool house in the heart of Sans

This 2800 Sq Ft. Luxury Home with a beautiful pool and spa in a gated community is ideally located in North San Antonio. Updated furnishings with enhanced comfort and furnishings like Wi-Fi, Cable TV, etc. This Airbnb San Antonio property with pool goes for $175 per night.

  1. Charming San Antonio castle

This is a house you can get as a San Antonio weekly rental. With its large pool space and the essential amenities, you can be sure of a refreshing stay in San Antonio. This Airbnb San Antonio property with pool goes for only $55 per night.

  1. Queen San Antonio pool house

Located in central San Antonio, minutes from anywhere you want to go. These recently updated five bedrooms 3.5 bath houses sleep up to 16 people and is beautifully designed with a pool. This Airbnb San Antonio Property with Pool goes for only $285 per night.

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