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#BBNaija: All You Need To Know About Last Night’s Drama

Last night was the longest night in Big Brother Naija history. We’ve said it a lot of times that these set of housemates keep bringing in new plot twists but last night drama was something else.

Neo vs Vee

Neo and Vee had their routine Saturday drama featuring curse words, breakup texts followed by heartfelt apologies 30 minutes later.

Nengi vs Ozo

Ozo appeared to have been knocked out by drinks but somehow in the middle of the night, he rose up from his slumber to string words that sounded a lot like a marriage proposal to Nengi. Local man was talking about “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. Which is hilarious because they are both not even in a relationship yet.

Erica vs Laycon

As if that’s not enough content for us to argue and fight over on social media Erica came through with a bazooka fighting with Laycon and everyone who refused to join her in the fight.

Erica vs Prince

Erica also had a clash with Prince, her deputy Head of House, who she accused of being ”two faced”. According to her, she expected Prince to be with her and lash out at Laycon and and not be diplomatic. Erica went as far as pouring water on Prince’s side of the bed in the Head of House bed.

As expected, The streets of Twitter NG had a lot  to say about this recent chaotic turn of events and here are some reactions:


Ozo please Explain yourself

I Don’t Agree With This Person


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