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In recent times, I bet no actress has been talked about as much as our ever daring Nkechi Blessing. Her stories have gone from good to bad, well to almost ugly, but she has definitely been great at keeping her head high, and not letting the blogs and tabloids steal...
woman get pregnant while pregnant

Strange But True: A Woman Can Get Pregnant While Pregnant

Can a woman get pregnant while pregnant? Hmmm.. as strange as the question might be, the answer is a big YES. Although it may sound funny, unbelievable, or something that happens in a sci-fi movie, it’s absolutely true- a woman can get pregnant while pregnant. I became interested in this...

Victor Weds Victor- Nigerian man decides to wed himself.

A Nigerian lawyer has decided to get married to himself and he released a wedding invitation card, inviting friends and well-wishers to join him celeebrate his "Holy Sologamy". For clarity, Sologamy is a marriage in which  a person get married to  himself or herself. The lawyer, who is popularly known...
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