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Glo TV Stations and All You Need To Know About Glo TV App

Glo TV Stations

Glo TV Stations

Glo TV Stations

Glo TV is a mobile application that allows you to stream live TV channels as well as watch the most recent movies and TV shows from your Android or iOS device.

GLO-TV allows you to view live TV and on-demand movies on your mobile device or smartphone.

The company disclosed that this; “exciting product was conceptualized to ensure that access to television programming graduates from computer and television access to include mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers and are available on the go and real time”.

The mobile TV series is intended to provide excellent all-around entertainment news and sports contents.

Glo TV Stations

Glo TV Entertainment and Movie Channels

1. Nolly Africa

2. African Movie Channel

3. Legacy Network

4. X2D Glo TV

5. Cowboy Theatre

6. Read Set Action

7. FunnyBone

8. Comfy_TV

9. Real family TV

10. Prime Time Drama

11. Thrillerz

12. Series Zone

13. Short Films TV

14. Cocktail TV

15. African Lifestyle YV

16. Zee Cinema

17. Movies news

Glo TV News Channels

18. Aljazeera

19. France24

20. CGTN

21. RT News and Documentary

Glo TV Kiddies Channels

22. ZooMOO

23. English Club TV

24. Lollykids

25. Kind Central

26. Kartoon Circus

Glo TV Religious Channels

27. Praise TV

28. C3 TV

Science and Technology

29. Slap Tech

30. Dimension Sc-Fi

31. Battery Pop

32. Mythos

Glo TV Cooking Channels

33. Cut up N Cook

34. Glo TV fashion Channels

35. iShe TV

Glo TV Motivational Channels

36. Youth Success

37. JEMH Glo TV

38. Talent Wazovia

39. Talent Support

40. DGN TV

Medical Channels

41. Providence

Glo TV Sports Channels

42. Football TV

43. W-Sport

44. XCorps TV

45. Music

46. Trace Urban

How to Download Glo TV App

Before using the glo tv application one must download you must download the application on your device

  • Download Glo TV app from Google Play Store_>> here
  • Glo TV app iOS App store_>> here

How to Register on Glo TV

Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Visit the official Glo TV website here_>>

Glo TV Stations
Glo TV registration

Step 2: In the space provided, type in your Glo mobile number.

Step 3: Click the “Sing up” button.

Fill the Glo TV registration form with your phone number, emil address (optional) and set your Glo TV password, and click the “Next” button. Glo TV
Glo TV signup form

The Glo TV portal will send a sic digit verification code.(OTP).

Enter the code you receive from your phone and click on the “Submit” button.

Glo TV Stations

You will see the final page saying “Registration Complete”, as shown in the picture below;

Glo TV registration completed
Glo TV registration completed

You will receive SMS notification of your username and password. Note that your username is your Glo number and your password is the password you set during registration.

How to Login to Glo TV App

Follow the steps below to log in.

Step 1: Launch the Glo TV app on your phone.

On the login page, type in your username (your registered Glo phone number)

Glo TV APP Sign in - How to Login to Glo TV App

Step 2: Type in your Glo TV password

Step 3: Click the “login” button.

How to Watch Glo TV on your Television

You can watch all the Glo TV channels on your television using an android to tv adapter.

Watching Glo TV app is free of charge till September 30th, 2021.

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