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Google wishes to be the only app you use on your commute

Google has plans to integrate the Google Maps in a way that adds value to your driving

Google Maps has been rebuilt to streamline your commute. Several new features are been added to help you’re driving a bit more detail-oriented and increase your ability to multitask while driving.

Driving is a sensational thrill for many except when you think about the holdups, the endless dodging of mad drivers and your dream of trying to at least endure it for one more day. If you live in Lagos, you will agree with me that driving is the list enjoyable task and it sometimes feels like a journey simply because of the struggle and holdups.

To help you enjoy your driving or at least make it a bit more bearable, Google Map has been integrated with a new tab or rather the old  Drive tabs (that simply showed routes) is being rebranded to be called Commute. With this rebranding comes excellent features so you have everything you need on one app and do not find the need for fiddling with your phone while driving.

Google wishes to be the only app you use on your commute


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This tab is even essential if you are on a train, bus or even foot. Here is a quick rundown of what makes the Google Commute tab:

 Musical Maps

With the Google Map, you no longer need to live the confines of your Google Maps in order to listen to music. So instead of toggling your phone to either get to your favourite playlist, Google Map apps will show you all of those players.

All of your favourites, as well as all music apps in your smartphone, will be made visible to you.

Live commuting

While commuting, there is also a problem we often see that is fixed up by Google. The issue with holdups, as long as there are alternative routes to your destination. Google Maps will show you live traffic updates and alternate routes that would be a lot better than the route you may want to take.

If you are using an Android phone, then you have even more power as you will receive notifications via the Google Maps as delays happen.

Real-time rides

The new Commute feature ensures that you are given complete info about every step of the way. it is made to map out traffic delays and find alternate shortcuts at every moment.

Since many actions on the road cannot be stopped, it is a good thing to have a map that tells you your exact time of arrival while taking into considerations all holdups and roadblocks.

Depending on your OS that is iOS or Android, you may have minor differences in functionality. Android users will have more accurate notifications about route disruptions as well as a deeper level of the Spotify integration.

With all of this, Google Map may be your best app yet for your driving needs.

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