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12 Horrifying Photos That Show We Need to Do Something About Pollution in Nigeria

Pollution has been one of the biggest concerns for Nigerians for many decades now. The more we are moving toward technology, the more we are detaching from mother nature. The rise in global warming is alarming, but many Nigerians have no clue about that.

At Naij Mobile, it was devastating to see the sad state of our very own country in the pictures below. It’s high time we start taking action.


Inhaling Cabon Monoxide to School in Sapele pollution in nigeria


The Plight Of Hawkers in Onitsha


 pollution in nigeria


Solid Waste Dump in Ogun State

Related image


A Dying River in Lagos

Image result for pollution in nigeria

A Community of Garbage in Lagos


Image result for pollution in nigeria

In Kogi, the road is a dustbin

Image result for dirtiest state in nigeria


How almost every gutter looks like in Warri



Jigawa, waste on the streetsImage result for dirtiest state in nigeria


Ibadan, a city swallowed in waste


Related image


Abeokuta, a Pool of waste

Related image


Kaduna, a worrying sight


Related image


Dead Fishes

Image result for Fish dead in Nigeria pollution


If these pictures moved you, do your best to protect the environment. Even small deeds can lead to big changes. What do you think each of us can do to curb pollution in Nigeria? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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