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Gist: The Case Of A Man Who Stole 120 Shoes So He Can Have Sex With Them

  Earlier today, a Thai man identified as Theerapat Klaiya, 24, who reportedly steals shoes so he could have sex with them, was arrested by the police. According to reports, the man hasf for shoes was arrested after his neighbors complained that their shoes had gotten missing. Theerapat Klaiya, was...
Nigerian Slangs For Sex

20 Words Nigerians Use Instead of Saying S€x

  For a lot of Nigerians, s€x is word that carries a lot of baggage. And even though it is something they engage in everyday, they find it awkward to talk about. That’s why we at Naijmobile came up with a list of words Nigerians use instead of sex. They are...

Couple fall from 9-storey building while having sex

A 30-year old woman has been reported dead after being crushed under her partner when they fell nine storeys (120 feet) while having sex over a balcony. According to local reports, the woman was having sex with a man on a windowsill when they fell together on wet ground outside...
Daddy Freeze

Read Daddy Freeze’s thoughts on Amber Rose’s Sex Life.

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze took to his Instagram page to respond to Amber Rose’s comments about how she demands sex every day from her 21 year old boyfriend, Savage. Amber Rose: “I demand sex every day from my boyfriend, absolutely. “It’s very healthy,” says comments credited to the mother of...