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Tolanibaj Admits To Having Sex With Prince After The Show, But She Regrets It. See Why

On Friday, the BBNaija lockdown reunion took a new turn, with TolaniBaj claiming that she and Prince got intimate after they left the show.

Remember that TolaniBaj and Prince appeared to be dating on the show? She added after the concert that they hooked up and had sex, and that she regrets the intimacy since it was wack. She stated that she had hoped for more from Prince.

”The intimacy happened because I was feeling Prince at the time and I 100% regret it. And it was wack by the way. I really expected more from somebody that carried shoulder like this. You should have impressed me but you didn’t”she said

Prince confirmed they had sex. He eventually made it plain to TolaniBaj that they were not a couple and that there was no “PriBaj,” the nickname their admirers gave to their relationship. His “relationship” with TolaniBaj, he added, is the only thing he regrets in his life.

During the show, Tolani also revealed that Prince and Lilo kissed. According to her, this was after the all-white party they had when the show ended. She said she felt disrespected by their action.


Responding to Tolani’s comment, Lilo said

”The Saturday party came, everyone was at the party. I was drunk and he was in the bus and he was like come sit with me. The funny thing is that that night, Tolani was actually there and Eric was actually sitting next to him, He was holding me so I kissed him and he was no Lilo stop, don’t do that.  It didn’t even last five seconds because he actually stopped me.”


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