TSTV User Review

TSTV User Review: TSTV, Telecom Satellite television, an indigenous company providing Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite television service has finally announced the much anticipated roll out date of its decoders as Wednesday, 1st November, 2017. The decoders will be available to customers in select locations across the country as well as in the nation’s capital. With its promise of numerous exciting packages,

The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Bright Echefu, also revealed the plan to give out  and install 5000 free decoders to customers in a bid to test the strength of their signals in Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt, Owerri and Abuja before eventual roll-out to other parts of the country.

How to become TSVT Dealer 

TSTV User Review: What does TStv offer?

Social media was abuzz when the company first indicated it was bringing the first pay-as-you-consume satellite television service to Nigeria on 1st October, 2017. The service includes a pause subscription feature – a model which the operators of DStv have failed to provide to the Nigerian consumers for years.  Customers are assured of satellite television experience in both standard definition (SD) and High definition(HD) on any of the very affordable packages on TStv.

TSTV User Review: Multi-purpose Step-up Box (STB) Decoder.

The Step-up Box decoders comes with a 50GB storage space for recorded content,  pause and rewind features, wireless hotspot capabilities and a camera for Video conferencing and streaming of videos online. Consumers will be able to use the complimentary 20GB data on 4.5G LTE network every time they purchase a subscription plan on TStv. This is a welcome development at a time Nigerians are complaining of high cost of data and poor network coverage and download speeds. The data service on TStv is extendable upon request.

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Lowest Subscription Costs in the Market.

The recent hike in subscription costs across all packages on DStv and GOtv showed how much the consumers are at the mercy of the operators of the two major satellite television providers in the Nigerian market. This apparent monopoly is what TStv intends to break with its rich yet affordable packages.

The maximum subscription plan on TStv goes for a fee of ₦3,000; while DStv’s mid-ranged subscription packages cost a lot higher (DStv Compact and Compact plus (₦6,300 and ₦9,900 respectively). When you throw in the complimentary data, the pause subscription feature as well as the pay-per-view billing system on TStv, there is no doubt the consumer is set to get maximum value for their money.

TSTV User Review

The available subscription plans on TStv and the respective prices are as below:

TStv Bouquet Prices Data Allocated
TStv Daily Bouquet N200 500MB
TStv Monthly Bouquet N3,000 10Gb
TStv 2 weeks Bouquet N1,500 5GB
TStv 10 days Bouquet N1,000 3GB
TStv weekly Bouquet N750 2GB
TStv 3 days Bouquet N500 1GB


TSTV User Review

The icing on the cake is the pay-per-view feature which means that the consumer is only billed for their actual usage. This is a system DStv and GOtv have been reluctant to implement over the years despite Nigerians numerous clamouring.

The pause subscription feature also means the consumer has greater control over how and when their subscription to any package on TStv is billed. The customer may choose to pause their subscription when going on a trip and resume from the point they left off. This is differs to what obtains on other satellite television providers where the subscription lapses at the end of a 30-day period regardless of usage level.

The complimentary bonus data as well as the sophisticated decoders on TStv clearly set them apart. Nigerians who spend heavily on data and sometimes have to stay up all night to take advantage of off-peak data costs and speeds will be particularly delighted by the data bonus offered by TStv. This is another first in the Nigerian market and it is no doubt a welcome development.

Where can I purchase my TStv and at what cost?

TStv has indicated they are collaborating with several independent partners to ensure a wide reach for their service. This means the company is setting up a wide network of distribution outlets and service points nationwide. Be on the lookout for a TStv outlet close to you.

TStv will retail at ₦5,000 only. This includes cost of the step-up box (decoder), the dish and installation charges.

What Channels are available on TStv?

TStv aims to provide rich content with lots of exciting programmes and channels targeted towards viewers with different interests and needs. Sports lovers will be able to view live matches from the English Premier league, La liga, Serie A, other major European leagues as well as the UEFA Champions league.

Quality news channels, educative and entertainment channels are also featured on TStv.

With plans to air over 200 channels beginning with 100 channels, it promises to be excitement galore on TStv.

TStv Sport Channels

Star Sports

Fox Sports

Euro Sports News

Euro Sports 2


TStv News channels

BBC America




Sky News


Channels TV

Bloomberg TV

Fox News



TStv Kiddies Channels


CN Cartoon Network

Disney Channel



TStv Movies channels

Star Movies

African Movie channel series

Wazobia TV


Investigation Discovery

Nollywood TV

Z Cinema

E Entertainment


TS Novella

TS Movies HD

TS Series


TStv Religion channels

Dove Television

Emmanuel TV

Sunna Tv

TBN Network


TStv Music Channels

Trace Urban/Africa


MTV Base


Edutainment Channels on TStv

Discovery Channel

Nat Geo Gold

National Geography Channel

Discovery Health TV

Fashion One


TStv African channels

Riwa Ndu TV

TS Hausa

TS Igbo

TS Yoruba.

And so much more…

With these unusual exciting offerings, there is no doubt that TStv will give the other players in the Nigerian satellite television space a run for their money. It is expected to enjoy widespread acceptance and adoption come roll-out on 1st November, 2017 as Nigerians are rooting for TStv all the way.

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