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Instagram introduce voice messages in its latest update

Instagram introduce voice messages – Amazingly, Instagram now supports voice messages, that is the walkie-talkie messaging model for your pleasure. Full details below.

Five years ago we witnessed voice messaging features on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Voxer, now, we have voice messaging on Instagram Direct.

Instagram introduce voice messages in its latest update

With this new feature, Users can simply hold the microphone button to record short voice messages which will be sent to chat in the form of an audio waveform which recipients can thus listen at their pleasure. This voice messages, however, have a limit of one minute but would stay permanently listenable and will work whether you are chatting with one friend or group chat rooms.

This new feature will compete with the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Zello, Telegram and Viber with respect to utility.

Using the Instagram voice message feature

The Instagram voice messaging feature is easy to use because holding down the microphone button gives you the option to record audio input. Once done, you can simply release the button to send the message. But if you wish to discard, without releasing your hold on the microphone button down, slide to the left and your message will be trashed.

Recipients can access voice notes as soon as it is sent and this is permanently available to them and you without fear of disappearing acts as can be seen elsewhere.

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Facebook has been initiating lovely updates on Instagram for some time especially with the new ways to make Instagram status updates and the ability to make video calls in Direct messaging not quite long ago. The hands’ free feature afforded by the voice notes feature is a welcome upgrade as it can be very helpful in many environments such as under the blaring sun when seeing the white integrated app is quite difficult.

However, it is a disappointment that these voice notes would last only a minute long. However, we expect more upgrades soon, such as a Dark theme feature to aid viewing as we have seen in YouTube recently.



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