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Check out how to activate 9mobile night plan

Activate 9mobile night plan – Not many of us know about the 9mobile night plan. We have decided to share this fascinating info on how to activate the 9mobile plan with you.

When you consider the fastest Internet and mobile network carrier in the country, there is only one mobile telecommunications company that comes out victories. 9mobile is ever increasing the quality and speed of their internet connectivity. And even as they also have one of the most expensive plans, they promise to keep you connected at all times.

However, not all plans on this network are quite expensive. The 9mobile night plan is pretty cheap and impressive. You will receive amazing data for your night surfing equally at the same speed as seen with other 9mobile plans. Take advantage of the 9mobile night plan and make the best of the internet at your fingertips. In this tutorial, we will explore how to activate the 9mobile night plan


9mobile Night/Weekend plan

The 9mobile night plan has been upgraded to also embed a weekend plan as well. Therefore, you can either subscribe for the night or weekend plans. All networks do have their own Night plans, but this plan may offer more for your money.

How the 9mobile night plan works

The 9mobile night plan may either incorporate a weekend plan or not. Some plans are solely for the weekends, others for night browsing while others can be used for both. We will explore this in the next section.


  • The 9mobile night plan works between the time period of 12 am to 5 am
  • The 9mobile Weekend plan works from the period of 7 pm to 7 am

9mobile N200 for 1GB

This plan will be used solely at night. It works on all devices and will expire within 24 hours, if not used. With this plan, you can download anything of your choice. To activate this plan, simply dial *229*3*11#, this plan has no SMS option.

9mobile N1000 for 2GB

This amazing plan can be used for both night and weekend. This means you can browse throughout the night or weekend following the specific time schedules. It works perfectly on all devices and is valid for about 30 days. To activate this plan, simply dial *229*3*12#, there is also no SMS option to activate for this plan.

9Mobile N2000 for 5GB

This is a fantastic plan that is valid for 30 days. It gives you the ability to browse at night and weekend. In addition, you will have free access to Whatsapp throughout the day, even as you cannot access your browser with this bundle during the day. Your bundle for Whatsapp is however allocated as you will receive 100MB for it.

To activate this plan, simply dial *229*3*13#


You will find that the N50 Naira night package is no longer available, however, it is possible to auto-renew your package, so your residual data rolls over into the next month. This actually works for all the plans that are valid for 30-days.

All of these plans are active and in operation, here in Nigeria. Feel free to share your experiences on the Etisalat (9mobile) network by placing a comment below.

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