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Is Dablixx Oshaa Dead? Biography and All You Need To Know

Trap music in Nigeria is a relatively new genre, but it is one that has been growing in popularity over the past few years.

Trap music originated in the US, but it has now become very popular in Nigeria. The name “trap” refers to the fact that this type of music can be found in the ghettos or slums of cities like Atlanta.

This type of music has a very fast beat, and is usually accompanied by heavy bass and drum sounds. Trap music also has a lot of lyrics about drugs, violence, money and sex.

In recent times, one trap musician who has been getting a lot of momentum is Dablixx Oshaa. However, tragedy struck recently as news of his death went viral. So, is Dablixx Oshaa really dead ? YES he is.

Is Dablixx Oshaa Dead

According to multiple sources, the 27-year -old musician died at an hospital shortly after complaining of stomach ache. However rumours on the street has it that his cause of death is more than that.

Dablixx Oshaa died three months when he said his mother dreamt he had died in a song he titled Gone & Dead.

Who is Dablixx Oshaa?

Dablixx Oshaa is a Nigerian rapper who started his music career 6 years ago. He has released m songs like “Smoke I Smoke” and “No Feelings”. His other popular songs include “Pray We Live Long” and “Dagrin Kamal”.

He is known for his unique style of rapping and his love for rap music. He got inspired by Eminem’s song, “Lose Yourself”.

Dablixx Oshaa was born on 25th May 1994, in Lagos State, Nigeria to Mr. and Mrs. Oshaa. He attended St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School, Ojodu Berger, Lagos State for his primary education before going to Bishop Crowther Memorial College (BCMC), Lekki Phase 1 for his secondary education from 2009 to 2012. He then proceeded to the University of Lagos where he studied Mass Communication.

He started rapping as a hobby while he was still in secondary school but it wasn’t until after he dropped out of university that he decided to pursue it professionally as a career option.

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