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Top 5 best WhatsApp status saver apps

Do you love a friend’s WhatsApp status but can’t download it? Then you are on right page as in this article you will discover 5 amazing WhatsApp video status saver Apps  which allow you to save any of your friend’s WhatsApp status. Check them out below: 1. Whatsapp Status Saver...

List of animals Nigerians are scared of

If you are scared of wall geckos or owls, you're not alone in your animal phobia. it is estimated that over 65% of Nigerians are scared of owls and Wall Geckos. Apart from those two animals, there are other animals that invoke fear in many Nigerians. Read Also:5 Nigerian Celebrities...

Top 10 Old Nokia Phones Nigerians Will Never Forget

Looking back now, I don’t think it would be wrong to say that Nokia phones were a major part of every Nigerian childhood and adolescence. The first phones many of us learned to use was Nokia. Almost all our trials and errors in phone configuration, romantic texts, chatting, etc, they...
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