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Jumia Black Friday Best Deals

Jumia Black Friday Best Deals – Every year millions of Nigerians await the Jumia awoof sales, the Jumia Black Friday 2018 specials is here again. Check out some of the best deals to expect within the last phase of this wonderful year.

Across a lot of countries in the World, Jumia heralds the end of the year through the Jumia Black Friday sales. This event is usually scheduled roughly the Friday after the American Thanksgiving Holiday. However, these events do not run for a day but rather in terms of weeks with whopping exceptional offers during the Fridays that follow and more lovely surprises during other weekdays.

Jumia Black Friday Best Deals

This year is not left behind, the Jumia Black Friday 2018 is scheduled to hold from the 2nd of November right to the 30th of November. The Jumia Black Friday exceptional sales will hold specifically on the  2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of November this year 2018. So get your calendars out and your mobile phones and drill this dates in.

This year we will be having more special offers like never before and sales have been separated into two major categories which I will be highlighting within the sections below.

Jumia Black Friday 2018 – What to Expect

However, although we do not have the full list of all the products and sales Jumia has for you, Jumia has promised to deliver up discounts up to 9% off a wide array of their products, this includes:

  • Large home appliances such as washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, juicers, pressing irons all on the go.
  • Electronics ranging from Home theatre systems to speakers and much more for your home and office.
  • Mobile phones at an astonishing price tag from a wide range of trusted mobile brands
  •  Durable laptops from trusted Laptop brands like Dell, Toshiba, Hp and many more
  • There also a wide range of clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories all for grabs at discounted prices during these years Black Friday.

The Jumia Black Friday Best deals

There is a lot to be expected this year Jumia Black Friday Best Deals especially on Fridays. Jumia is giving away so much with Double Awoof deals in terms of vouchers and as well as the Treasure Hunt where as much as 5 lucky customers will receive Golden tickets which allows them to run around the Jumia warehouses and pick all that they want within a 1 minute stipulated time. All of their spoils goes home with them free of charge!. You should expect this and more true the following notions:

  • Up to 80% discount
  • App special deals
  • 100+ Flash sales for you ( available over the Jumia app)
  • 5 Treasure Hunts (app only)
  • 100+ Vouchers ( available over the Jumia app)

Jumia Black Friday Best Deals – The Jumia Mon -Thursday Specials

Jumia promises discounts and more incentives not just on Black Fridays but also on every other day within the week. Here are notions on what you should expect:

  • Up to 80% Off
  • 25+ Flash sales (app only)
  • 2 Treasure Hunts (app only)
  • 1000+ Vouchers up for grabs (app only)

Majority of awoofs in this years Black Friday sales will be done via the Jumia Mobile app. To ensure that you do not miss out, Quickly download the Jumia app for iOS or Android smartphones now!

How to stay ahead as this year’s Jumia Black Friday unfolds

To ensure you receive accurate information about some of Jumia’s Best deals, stay tuned to your favourite news channel as we do promise to give you the best info about each deal as it unfolds. meanwhile, do get ready with the right funds and get the list of all you want in anticipation for this great event.

The countdown to the best sales event of the year has begun! Are you ready!!

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