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Best Offline Video Games – 10 interesting games you don’t need internet to play

Best Offline Video Games – Want the best interesting games, you can play without access to the internet, no data charges or WiFI needed? Here they are in their full glory, the best offline video games you can access without the internet but still get a whole lot of fun.

Don’t you just love a goof challenge between yourself and your smart device or others? This can be a problem if you leave in countries where your connection to the internet fluctuates half the time. It can take the most fun out of your gaming, when your screen takes on that “loading” sign.

These sure ruins the fun of it completely, but then there are games you can play without the internet. Really interesting, mind blowing games that is bound  to keep you on the edge until you become a winner.

These games do not need WIFI or the internet to operate, but you will have to connect to the internet to download and install them unto your smart device. After this you can start enjoying them without any need for the internet or WIFI. And therefore, here are a list of the best offline video games you can fall in love with.

  1. Alsphalt 8 Airbone

Best Offline Video Games - 10 interesting games you don't need internet to play











When you do love a great racing game that keeps your heart frozen in place until the final lap. The Asphalt 8 is sure to be one of the best games you can access without the internet. it combines  quality graphics with speed and awesome cars. This game comes with  steering and vehicle options like its predecessors but it is also a really cool app on your device.

However, you should be ready, its download size is quite enormous  and it takes a RAM of +/- 1.5GB to fully operate it. In addition, it does come with in-app ads.

To download, simply click on your device:

      2. Candy Crush Saga

Best Offline Video Games - 10 interesting games you don't need internet to play













The infamous and lovely crushing sounds as well as its addictive music is sure to have you glued to your screen from one level to the next. This game is loved by all ages. Lots of yummy candies to pair up and swipe to pieces. A host of target goals, timed levels, delicious environments and sweet characters. The download storage size of this application takes on an average of 15MB. You do not require the internet to use the Candy Crush Saga. it is free to download, install or play.

To download the app:

3. Plant vs Zombies

The Planet versus Zombies is an arcade game that involves live plants which repel the attack of zombies who come to eat your brains. This plants launch watermelon or corn missiles at the zombies.

Simply put, when you search for a hilarious, horror induced game that comes with exciting adventures and levels. The Plant versus Zombie game is an ideal game that does not require access internet to operate. For your lovely app, click on the links below:

4. Badland

Another great offline game is this lovely 2D runner game. The Badland game is a adventurous journey through the beautiful forest. The only problem is that there are awfully wrong snares, obstacles and traps to evade in this forest. The game consist of 23 levels, quality graphics, audio and physics induced game play. There are no rules or limits, its all about having fun to the end. it is available for free on your app store but may require a huge amount of data and storage size to run.

5. Six-guns; Gang Showdown

Six-guns;Gang showdown is an awesome, exciting and fun-filled adventure game. If you do like the feel of the gun and an adventure into the Wild west, this offline shooting game is the perfect for you.

Six guns is a shooter action game derived from action scenes of the wild west Oregon and Arizona, a land filled with bandits, cowboy and oh so scary vampires. There is 40 missions in which you are required to take out robbers, race horses and have an amazing fun destroying enemies and obstacles.

The game is free to download:

6. Angry Birds Star Wars

If you want a little of everything, from the suspense, to the battle and to the adventures, then you should consider the Angry Birds Star Wars. The Angry Birds or rebel assembly wish to overcome all obstacles and get the secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon “the PIG STAR”, this they require your help to achieve. There are 200 levels different locations and environment and a host of fun.

This is an awesome thriller offline game that does not require internet access. If you wish to begin, then download and install this exciting gaming software by clicking any of the links below:

7. Brother in Arms 3: Sons of War

One of the best offline games is the Brother in Arms 3. If you wish for a lot of actions, and a wonderful story-line based on World World 2. Then you are in the right places. There are an endless list of tasks in this version as in its predecessors.

You can simply download this app from your play store, but for quicker access, do click on the link below:

8. Shadow Fight

For all action lovers, this is another awe inspiring game that you can access without the internet.  It is an offline game for all lovers of Kung-Fu moves and acrobatics where you get the chance to defeat your enemies armed with incredible fighting skills and lethal weapons.

The Shadow Fight is a 2D game based on the character in a movie “Shadow” who lost this body after unleashing powerful demons as he tried to save his home from invaders.

He is now an expert Shadow Warrior out to fight demons and enemies in his path to find what he lost.

For your device:

9. Subway Surfers

When you do wish for speed and have a nack for analyzing situations at a differential speed. I mean when you can consistently move above obstacles while on the run and do not get caught, this is one of the best offline video games made just for you. It involves an endless runner who will pass through obstacles like cars on the way without been caught, Along your way you will receive gifts that will either increase your speed or make you fly above obstacles. It is among one of the most downloaded video games, if you wish for your copy, use the buttons below:

10. Sorcery!

An exciting offline game is the Sorcery video game. It would internet you to know that the Sorcery series is not actually a single game but a four part video game that was created based on the fantasy game book series created by Steve Jacksons. it is all about eliminating monsters while following a beautifully crafted story-line. it opens with a story line, and as you embark on its amazing journey through its world, you will discover the true depths and follow through on each character. it is really and amazing offline game but it does come at a price. To open each game, you will have to pay a flat fee for $4.99. Want your copy? do click on the buttons below:

And there you have it, lovely offline video games you do not need access to the internet to enjoy. If you do have some favorite of yours feel free to share to others by placing your comments below. If you also wish to rep some of our favorites, we will also love to hear from you.

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