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All You Need to Know and How to subscribe to Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus

Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus – This article seeks to enlighten you on the features, eligibility, requirements and of course benefits of the”OGA Sim” in quick and easy steps.

A little while ago, one of the telecommunication industries in Nigeria, Globacom decided to take a deeper dive into improving the satisfaction of its customers by delivering a 125% bonus on any data bundle you pick.

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The “Oga SIM” as it is called was unveiled at the top executives of the company at the Mike Adenuga Tower, Victoria Island last Wednesday

Oga SIM,’ as the offering is named, was formally unveiled to the media by top executives of the company at its Mike Adenuga Tower, Victoria Island, head office in Lagos on Wednesday.

According to Globacom’s Regional Chief Marketing Officer, Ashok Israni, The Oga Sim will offer subscribers a fantastic data efficiency not seen anywhere else.

Also, all Glo subscribers who have not utilized the Glo data services within the expanse of the last few months can equally enjoy this new sim card. Awesome!!!


Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus – What you get by buying the Glo “Oga” Sim

As said earlier, the Glo Oga SIM gives every new Globacom data subscriber when they buy a data plan an automatic  125 percent bonus. According to Israni, the subscriber can simply pick any data subscription and receive 125% of it also.

Literally speaking, the Glo “Oga” SIM gives every new subscriber  or 3 months data inactive subscriber will get:

  • 1.8GB at N500 (as opposed the 800MB at N500)
  • 3.6GB at N1000 ( old value is 1.6GB)
  • 8.2GB at N2000 (Instead of the nominal 3.6GB)
  • 12.9GB at the price of N2,500 ( as opposed to 5.7GB) and so on.

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Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus – Features/Requirements

The first important detail about the Glo “Oga: SIM is a 4G SiM Card. If you have a 4G device but your old sim is 3G, you can visit one of the Glo help centers nearest to you and have it updated.

However, you can still use your 4G sim even if you do not have a smart device that is 4G enabled. Other requirements and eligibility factors include:

  • The Glo “Oga” Sim bonus is available to new subscribers and old inactive Glo sims more than 90days old
  • You must renew your current data subscription to activate the bonus
  • Your Glo Sim must be 4G
  • Glo Sim card that has been active within the last 9odays can receive the bonus on instant subscription
  • Glo sim cards that have been inactive for less than 90days will have access to the “Oga sim’ bonus on the second subscription
  • All data plans receive about 125% data bonus
  • The Bonus account is only active for about three months
  • Without a 4G phone, you can still use your 3G smartphone but must upgrade your sim to 4G to begin using it.

What do existing Glo customers get from this promo

Although there are no seeming benefits for existing customers. Glo still has a nice cushion for them. As an existing customer with an active glo sim card, you will receive a 25percent bonus on your data subscription.

This means you can have

  • 1GB at N500 (as opposed the 800MB at N500)
  • 2GB at N1000 ( old value is 1.6GB)
  • 4.5GB at N2000 (Instead of the nominal 3.6GB)
  • 7.2GB at the price of N2,500 ( as opposed to 5.7GB) and so on.

Glo Oga SIM Data Bonus – The Price tag of the Glo “Oga” Sim card

It would interest you to know that the Glo “oga” Sim card is the same price as your generic glo sim card. Quite affordable when compared to many other  networks that price the 4G sim at an elevated level/

Generally, it should cost about N150 to get any Glo Sim card; it is the same in this scenario.

How to begin using the Glo Oga Sim card

To start using the Glo “Oga: Sim bonus is so easy. All you need do is simply dial *777# to get to the “Oga” SIM bonus plan feature and pick your data plan.

Gifting still rocks with the Glo Oga Sim card

The Glo “Oga” Sim card is not restrictive. You will receive absolute control to an extent over what you do with your data. You can share plans above N200 with your friends and loved ones.

Also, you can easily gift data to your friends and family as well. But one juicy tidbit. What your recipient gets depends on if they are a new or existing customer. If they are new, then they will receive the 125% bonus, if they are existing customers,  they will get the 25% bonus.

And there you have it, an exquisite knowledge about everything you need to know about the Glo “Oga” Sim card. Feel free to ask questions on any section of these product by placing a comment below, let’s discuss it.

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