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Covid 19 Update: As Nigeria ease lockdown, country records highest daily COVID-19 cases

A crowded bus station at Lagos yesterday

‘A little bit of a breather’: That was the phrase  many Nigerians said as the country eased the lockdown in major cities yesterday. However the easing of the lockdown as turn out to be a terrible idea as the country recorded it’s highest daily covid-19 cases.

As at yesterday, 4/05/2020, these are the number of reported cases in Nigeria.

The 245 new cases is alarming and with the way things a panning out, community transmission is lurking.

Naijmobile Pro-tip of the day:

Try to stay indoors as often. Don’t go out if you have nothing reasonable to do. If you most leave you house, ensure you are wearing a face mask. Practice social distancing, and wash your hands or sanitize after touching money or coming back home.

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