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You can now use the FACE ID and Fingerprint authentication on IOS devices

If you use the WhatsApp for iPhone, you can now use FACE ID and Touch Support on WhatsApp to unlock your device.

A really fantastic updated has received WhatsApp for iPhone. This build version 2.19.20 ensures that your WhatsApp is adequately locked until you use either your Touch ID or Face ID to unlock the device.

FACE ID and Fingerprint authentication on IOS

This new feature has been anticipated since October, 2018 and has finally arrived. It began when a new authentication addition was added to the iPhone which works similarly to the way you can lock signal on your iPhone. However, this new addition does not lock individual WhatsApp conversations but simply the whole app at once.

We also anticipate that within the coming months, we will see this biometric authentication feature on the WhatsApp for Android.

How to activate Face ID, Touch ID Biometric Authentication on IOS

To get this latest update on your WhatsApp for iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings on your WhatsApp messenger.
  • Select Account and click Privacy
  • Activate Screen Lock
  • You can select whether you want the biometric authentication immediately or at an interval of a minute, 15 minutes or even an hour.

With these biometric authentications, you will still receive messages from notifications and answer calls without the authentication getting in the way. To receive this new update on your WhatsApp, click here or visit the Apple App store.

It is compatible on iPhone models IOS 8.0 and later. It is 137.7 MB in size.

Even as we expect the WhatsAPP Screen lock for ANdriond soon, you can still make UPI based transactions on WhatsAPP in countries like India. This is already supporting Face ID and Touch ID at the moment.

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