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SWAP OLD SAMSUNG PHONES – If you’ve been using your Samsung phone for long and you wish to swap it for a new one, the Galaxy, Note series, A series or others then the opportunity to do that is now available. You can now trade in any TECNO Phone thanks to Sentinel Exchange

Now you can trade in your old Samsung phones for any of latest ones at Samsung selected retail partners. The phone trade in program gives you the opportunity to spend less in getting a new device and also help reduce the impact of old smartphone waste in the environment.


The amazing part is that you can even trade a Samsung for another other device or vice versa, you can check the value of you current phone HERE

For more details visit Sentinel on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or call them on 09062546984

Simply walk into any Samsung retail partners, find out the estimated value of your old Samsung device, provide the necessary information and document required for the trade in, then swap your old phone for a brand new phone of your choice.

Below are list of some of Samsung retail partners where you can swap your phones and their locations.

SlotSlot Systems, Aquinox AjahAjahLagosLagos Island
NamzyNamzy AjahAjahLagosLagos Island
Fussy TechFussy TechAjahLagosLagos Island
SlotSlot Systems, Admiralty Way, LekkiLekkiLagosLagos Island
SlotSlot MarinaMarinaLagosLagos Island
SlotSlot Systems, Akin AdesolaV.ILagosLagos Island
SlotSlot Systems, Saka TinubuV.ILagosLagos Island
PointekPointek Saka TinubuV.ILagosLagos Island
SlotSlot FESTACFestacLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot Festival MallFestacLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot, Ikeja MallICMLagosLagos Mainland
PointekPointek Ikeja MallICMLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot Systems, Ola AyeniComputer VillageLagosLagos mainland
FinetFinet Awolowo Road Goshen Building Computer VillageLagosLagos mainland
FinetFinet Awolowo Glass House Computer VillageLagosLagos mainland
PointekPointek Medical RoadComputer VillageLagosLagos mainland
SlotSlot Medical RoadComputer VillageLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot Systems, IkoroduIkoroduLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot Systems, IkotunIkotunLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot Systems, ApapaApapaLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot Systems, OkotaOkotaLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot System SurulereSurulereLagosLagos Mainland
M & GM & G SurulereSurulereLagosLagos Mainland
PointekPointek SurulereSurulereLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot 2 GarkiAbujaF.C.TNorth
SlotSlot BanexAbujaF.C.TNorth
Kolia AngelKolia Angel AbujaF.C.TNorth
PointekSIS Pointek Wuse 2 AbujaF.C.TNorth
SlotSlot 2 Okpanam Rd, AsabaAsabaDeltaSouth South
SlotSTS SLOT ASABAAsabaDeltaSouth South
SlotSIS Slot Benin BeninEdoSouth South
PointekPointek AsabaAsabaDeltaSouth South
SlotSlot EnuguEnuguEnuguSouth South
SLOTSLOT ABAAbaAbiaSouth South
SlotSLOT Owerri 1OwerriImoSouth East 
KomtechKomtech PHCRiversSouth South
SlotSlot 4 Aba road PHCPHCRiversSouth South
SlotSTS Slot PHC3 PHCRiversSouth South
Destiny PhoneDESTINY PHONES Artillery JunctionPHCRiversSouth South
Next Time MobileNext Time MobilePHCRiversSouth South
Slot Slot 2 GRAPHCRiversSouth South
De Prince EmporiumDe Prince EmporiumPHCRiversSouth South
Visco Visco CommunicationsYenagoaBayelsaSouth South
SlotSlot WarriWarriDeltaSouth South
OnigxOnigx WarriWarriDeltaSouth South
RewjidoRewjido WarriWarriDeltaSouth South
SlotSlot BergerBergerLagosLagos Mainland
SlotSlot OyingboOyingboLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot SabosaboLagos Lagos Mainland
Fine BrothersFine Brothers Polo Mall Enugu EnuguEnugu South East
PointekPointek Artillery JunctionPHCRiversSouth South
PointekPointek Festival MallFestacLagos Lagos Mainland
PointekPointek Broad StreetVILagos Lagos Mainland
PointekPointek UmuahiaAbaAbiaSouth South
PointekPointek UyoUyoAkwa IbomSouth South
Rifugio Rifuigo  JabiAbujaAbujaNorth
PointekPointek Arena OshodiOshodiLagos Lagos Mainland
Rifugio Rifuigo  ICMIkejaLagosLagos Mainland 
PointekPointek OwerriOwerriImoSouth East 
PointekPointek IkotunIkotunLagos Lagos Mainland
PointekPointek WarriWarriDeltaSouth South
PointekPointek OtigbaComputer VillageLagos Lagos Mainland
PointekPointek IkoroduIkoroduLagos Lagos Mainland
PointekPointek AlabaAlabaLagos Lagos Mainland
Rifuigo  Rifuigo  Surelere Surulere LagosLagos mainland 
Rifuigo Rifuigo Saka Tinubu VILagosLagos Island 
SlotSlot AkureAkureOndoSouth West
SlotSlot AbeokutaAbeokutaOgun South West
slotSlot Ile IfeIle IfeOsunSouth West
SlotSlot Umuahia UmuahiaAbiaSouth East 
SlotSlot CalabarCalabarCross River South South
SlotSlot UyoUyoAkwa IbomSouth South
SlotSlot Owerri 2OwerriImoSouth East
SlotSlot Benin 2BeninEdoSouth South
HytelHytel PhonesOwerri ImoSouth East 
SlotSlot AlabaAlabaLagosLagos Mainland 
Rifuigo Rifuigo YabaYabaLagosLagos Mainland 
REWJIDO Rewjido AsabaAsabaDeltaSouth South
slotSlot IbadanIbadanOyoSouth West
La Place Ltd.La place MokolaIbadanOyoSouth West
Spectrum Innovations SpectrumikejaLagosComputer village
Slot Slot OpebiIkejaLagosLagos Mainland 1
Cee2ceeCee2cee rumuoguta junction phcPHCRivers South South
RewjidoRewjido BeninBeninEdoSouth South
RaycomRaycom UghelliWarriDeltaSouth South
Slot Slot  IlorinIlorinKwara South West
Slot Slot OsogboOsogboOsunSouth West
FemtechFemtech ilorinIlorinKwara South West
FoneMartFoneMart IlorinIlorinKwara South West
Yield Systems ( SES)Yield Systems Ibadan IbadanOyoSouth West
RifugioRifuigo Festac Festac LagosLagos Mainland 1
RifugioRifuigo IbadanIbadanOyoSouth West
SlotSlot Ado RoadAjahLagosLagos Island
SlotSlot EgbedaEgbedaLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot Ologolo LekkiLekkiLagosLagos Island
SlotSlot ShomoluShomoluLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot KetuKetuLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot Ojodu BergerBerger Lagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot NnewiNnewiAnambra South East
SlotSlot Abule EgbaAbule EgbaLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot Aba 2AbaAbiaSouth South
SlotSlot Airport roadOshodiLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot Orelope EgbedaEgbedaLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot IsoloIsoloLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot AgbaraAgbaraLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot LawansonLawansonLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot GbagadaGbagadaLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot BarigaBarigaLagos Lagos Mainland
SlotSlot Ado Ekiti EkitiEkitiSouth West
SlotSlot Iyana IpajaIyana ipajaLagos Lagos Mainland
FinetAwolowo/Otigba JunctionComputer VillageLagosLagos mainland
FinetNovare MallComputer VillageLagosLagos mainland
FinetPort Harcourt 2PHCRivers South South
FinetOnitsha Exp CentreOnitshaAnambra South East 
FinetOnitsha MallOnitsha Anambra South East 
FinetAwkaAwkaAnambra South East 
FinetOwerri MallOwerriImoSouth East 
FinetEnugu PavillionEnuguEnuguSouth East 
FinetIkoroduIkorodu LagosLagos mainland
PointekPointek TropicanaUyoAkwa IbomSouth South
YisabYisab communications LokojaLokojaKogiNorth
Kabs CommunicationKabs Communications KanoKanoKanoNorth
Selgic Selgic Kaduna KadunaKadunaNorth
AkarakaAkaraka KadunaKadunaKadunaNorth
Alexis Alexis JosJosPlateauNorth
KinshangKinshang JosJosPlateauNorth
KashjoKashjoh JosJosPlateauNorth
MChrisMChris SangoSangoOgunSouth West
Guaranty Network Guaranty Network OnitshaAnambraSouth East
RAYARaya IkejaIkejaLagosComputer Village
RAYARaya Samsung IkejaIkejaLagosComputer Village
SlotSlot AbaAbaAbiaSouth East
SlotSlot EnuguEnuguEnuguSouth East
SlotSlot OnitshaOnitshaAnambra South East
SlotSlot UmuahiaUmuahiaAbiaSouth East
FinetFinet Enugu1EnuguEnuguSouth East
FinetFinet Enugu2EnuguEnuguSouth East
MartjenMartjenOnitshaAnambra South East
Slot Slot Systems, Ado EkitiAdo EkitiEkitiSouth West
Rashee BeckyRashee BeckyAkureOndoSouth West
Ade CrystalAde CrystalIle ifeOsunSouth West
De Phone GlobalDe Phone GlobalIbadanOyoSouth West
Gadget Hub PlusGadget Hub PlusAbeokutaOgunSouth West
RifugioSES AbeokutaAbeokutaOgunSouth West
RifugioSES IbadanIbadanOyoSouth West
M&G M&G IbadanIbadanOyoSouth West
M&G M&G akureAkureOndoSouth West
Yields system Yields system AkureOndoSouth West
HatelHatelOsogboOsunSouth West
Top SuccessTop SuccessOsogboOsunSouth West
RifugioSES FestacFestacLagosLagos Mainland
Tech event center Tech event center VILagosLagos Island
Mega plaza Mega plaza viVILagosLagos Island
Gisky MobileGisky MobileVILagosLagos Island
Argone storeArgone storeVILagosLagos Island
Phone MartPhone MartVILagosLagos Island
Fuzeb Ventures Saka Tinubu Fuzeb Ventures Saka Tinubu VILagosLagos Island
KenomejKenomejVILagosLagos Island
Bumax Saka Tinubu Bumax Saka Tinubu VILagosLagos Island
WirelessWirelessEnuguEnuguSouth East
RoyallineRoyallinePHRiversSouth South
K UltraK ultra BeninBeninEdoSouth South
K CeeKcee BeninBeninEdoSouth South
RAYARaya Discovery Mall AbujaAbujaNorth

Here is the estimated value of some Samsung Phones

A10   201917000
A10s  201918000
A11 2G /32GB20000
A01 202017000
A30   201928000
A30S 201938000
A31 202052000
A32 2021 6GB+128GB64000
A20  201927000
A20s  202034000
A 21s 202045000
A 22 4+12864000
A12 4+64GB  38000
A12 4+128GB  43000
A02 3+32GB        22000
A02 4+64GB        27000
A02s 3+32GB        27000
A02s 4+64GB        32000
A01 2020 2+16GB      22000
A50  2019 43000
A50s 201953000
A51 202062000
A52 2021 6GB+128GB73000
A2 Core 16G11000
A3 Core                                             13000
Samsung A6 Plus24000
Samsung A7 (2018)20000
A70  201948000
A71 202083000
M11 202028000
Samsung A920 (2018)42000
Samsung A8 Plus (Duos)27000
Samsung Grand Prime Plus5500
Samsung Grand Prime Pro8500
Samsung J411000
Samsung J4 Core11000
Samsung J4 Plus12500
Samsung J5 Pro13500
Samsung J613500
Samsung J6 Plus21000
Samsung Note 8(Duos)53000
Samsung S8 (duos)38000
Samsung S8 plus (duos)43000
Samsung S9 43000
Samsung S9 Plus 64GB and 128gb63000
S10E 128GB+6GB78000

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