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Huawei mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold – All You Need to Know

Huawei mate X vs Samsung Galaxy Fold – We have compared the Huawei mate X against the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone which is the leading foldable phones in 2019 to figure out the winner between both of them.

Foldable phones have been reported, tweaked, gossiped and rumoured for many years. And now, at last 2019 has given us two powerful foldable smartphones ( though not the first anyway ).

The Huawei Matex and Samsung Galaxy Fold are phenomenal smartphones which combine the powers of a tablet and phone in one device. This smartphone has been debated for many years due to the complexities of the battery area and at last, we have them in our hands. Let us compare the features of both smartphones against each other and derive the winner.

Huawei Mate X Review - the most priced smartphone in 2019 Samsung foldable phone

Huawei Mate X versus Samsung Galaxy Fold – Design and Display

First things first, Huawei loves it big and of course, the Mate X is not left out. However, in terms of the arrangement, both smartphones are a bit different. The Samsung Galaxy Foldable display is placed on the inside while that of the Mate X is on the outside. The Mate X is also a single 8-inch flexible display which can fold into two to have one end at about t.tinches and the other at 6.38inches. The Galaxy Fold is, on the other hand, a 7.3inch display device and will fold to give a 4.6inch screen with massive bezels on the outside.

In terms of protection, we can say Samsung does it better since the Fold’s screen is kept on the outside and then protected from scratches. However, where Huawei failed in protection, they achieved in terms of a sleeker well attractive model.

Naturally, we should expect that anything that has creases and folds and unfolds will degrade over time. So both companies decided to use curved edges too, but Samsung goes on to forgo making the phone sleek because protection will always win.

Huawei Mate X versus Samsung Galaxy Fold- Battery and Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Fold also has a large notch at the upper-right-hand-corner which can be unfolded to display its camera’s and sensors. Huawei rather decides to place all three cameras at the “rear” screen. For this reason, you will not be able to use the Mate X to make video calls if you are in phone mode, however, Samsung gives you 6 cameras to play with from everywhere.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 12MP+16MP ultra wide+12MP telephoto on the rear, a single 10MP Selfie Camera above the top screen of the phone mode and a 10MP+8MP camera above the tablet screen. The Huawei Mate X also hasHuawei’s most famous 55W fast charging which can give about 85%  charge in only 30 minutes. However, the Samsung Galaxy Fold charges a bit slower but also supports fast charging.

Huawei Mate X versus Samsung Galaxy Fold – Software and performance

Both Smartphones are paired with the Andriod 9 Pie but have different skins according to each’s company’s desires. The Galaxy Fold will run with the Samsung’s One UI while the Mate X comes with the Huawei EMUI interface.  The Huawei Mate X comes with a Kirin 980 chipset, 8GB RAM, 512GB and about 4,500mAh in battery. You also have the fingerprint scanner embedded into the power button.

The Galaxy Fold comes with the Snapdragon 855, 12GB RAM and 512GB Smart device which means the performance of the Galaxy Fold is superior to the Mate X. And when you look at the sensitivity of this foldable styled phones, you will agree that the use of a very fast processor is important.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will have two variants, the 4G variant and the 5G variant, while the Mate X will be available only in 5G.

Huawei Mate X versus Galaxy Fold -Price

oh Yes!. We’ve got house buying prices for both smartphones at the moment. But bear this in mind, Samsung will be giving away the Galaxy uses wireless earbuds as a gift to all who purchase the phone. But since this earbuds cost only about $130, we can say it’s not much of a big deal.

When we first saw the Galaxy Fold’s steep price tag of $1,980(710,820naira), we were deeply astonished. And now faced with Huawei Mate X’s $2,600(933,3400 nairas), I can only ask, should we have accepted the bulky Royole Flexipai Foldable phones of last year to this extraordinarily priced older brothers of his.

Huawei Mate X versus Samsung Galaxy Fold-Specifications

Huawei Mate X Samsung Galaxy Fold
Phone Display



240 X1149


Tablet Display












Dynamic AMOLED



7nm Kirin 980


7nm 640bit Octa Core Snapdragon 855










40MP Wide Angle Camera

16MP Ultra-wide Angle Camera

8MP Telephoto Camera


10MP Selfie Camera

10MP Selfie Camera

8MP RGB Depth Camera

12MP Telephoto Camera

12MP Wide Angle Camera

16MP Ultra Wide Camera






55W Huawei SuperCharge


Fast wired and wireless charging

Operating system

Android 9 Pie


Android 9 Pie


4G/5G Variant



The Bottom Line

Huawei’s device is extremely pricy especially when paired against Samsung’s reputation. In addition, the power of the processor and 6-camera feature of Samsung obviously places it as the winner. But if you have a different opinion, please share with us.

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