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I am not at loggerheads With Akume- Senator Gemade

It’s so disheartening that the world and our society have declined in ethics that one can not ascertain and differentiate between a true professional journalist and a Pseudo-ill-trained propagandist.

The attention of Senator Barnabas Gemade’s Campaign Organization and my Principal, Senator Gemade have been drawn to a news article with the heading “Civil War In Benue APC As Gemade Moves Against Akume In A Smash-And-Grab Bid For Guber Ticket”.

In my usual way as his image maker, and owing to the pedigree of my principal as a man with focus, l wouldn’t have joined issues with the said author of the misleading article, one “Jakaya Unamtor,” but because the said article which has dictions often used by the state Publicity Secretary of the PDP and shared by him (Mr. Bemgba Iortyom) on his Facebook handle and also published on Opera News Hub, one of the leading news platforms in the world, it is incumbent on me to put the records straight.

I’m astonished why Bemgba Iortyom will shrink into cowardice by using a pseudo name to attack my Principal instead of coming out bold, also simulating the same content to paid PDP social media handlers to post, an act I find very shameful.

To further straighten the records, I wish the general public, the APC, and the Benue people to know that Senator Gemade and Senator George Akume are not at loggerheads, the article authored by one Jakaya Unamtor is a figment of his imagination, it is bored out of fear because of the robust and healthy relationship Senators Akume and Gemade are enjoying now, the author of this article is using it as a ploy to distract the APC and their leaders, having known that, Gemade truly is the candidate that can sink the PDP in Benue state if he emerges the flag bearer of the party.

Moreso, I also wish to state clearly that, our vision career, Senator Gemade does not make utterances anyhow, he speaks as a leader and backed up what he says with substantial evidences. So, on no occasion did he mention that the “APC Gubernatorial Ticket will not be available to a stooge of few individuals in the party.” One wonders where the hired writer got his thoughts, but it could be recalled that the leader of the APC in Benue State, has on many occasions hinted that, he will allow the people (delegates) to choose governorship aspirants this time themselves, he has not mentioned or showed body language of favouring any of the Governorship candidates who all are eminently qualified and better refined than all the candidates paraded by Bemgba Iortyom’s party, the PDP.

It is also worthy to let the public know that, Senator Gemade’s address at the APC Governorship retreat for Benue state Governorship aspirants was not a savor at anyone, he only amplified the position of the National working committee (NWC) of the party that adopted indirect primaries for the selection of various candidates to fly the party’s flag in the 2023 general elections.

Also, Senator Gemade’s position as was presented in the Governorship retreat was to forestall peace in the party and put the party in a cohesive position ready for victory at the 2023 polls. Unamtor, Bemgba Iortyom and other PDP media agents are just trying to play smart on the APC by bringing in distraction, because they know defeat awaits the PDP at the polls, should APC remains one and Gemade’s cordial relationship with the Minister of Inter-Governmental affairs Senator Akume remains cordial it will again produce a governor in the state in 2023 as they together did in 1999, 2007, and 2015.

I want Benue people to know that to become a governor, one needs both International, National, and Local Connections to impact his people, I have seen this work in other states and Benue State can not be an exception and the people of Benue can not deny that, he has all these within his purview.

The sad thing is, the author and Bemgba Iortyom feel, that because they are in a government in which the ticket was given to the holder through the window, one doesn’t need connections of friend both locally and National to prosecute his campaigns? Though the author and his co-travelers are ill-informed and have no knowledge of what the APC is doing to salvage Benue State from the Maladministration orchestrated by the PDP led government in the state, my principal, our campaign organization will continue to abide by the laid down rules and procedures in our party the APC.

In Benue State, we are aware, that the PDP is scared of the pedigree and personality of Senator Gemade, his network of friends and supporters who are ready to vote out the PDP and that is the reason for the sponsored campaign against his candidature.

Why the author and his sponsors continue on an ego drive and futile mission, we in the BIG Project are poised to accelerate our campaigns and consultations, under the guidance of our APC leader in Benue state, Senator George Akume, we shall come out victorious, the primary elections will be rancor-free.

Comr. Solo Dzuah,
Media and Publicity Aide to Sen. Gemade
April 30, 2022.

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