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Toyin Lawani’s Husband Reacts to Claims of Abandoning His Children

Celebrity photographer Segun Wealth, who is also Toyin Lawani‘s husband, reacts to claims that he abandons his children and indirectly answers the question that has been on the fans’ lips for months.

Toyin Lawani and Segun Wealth tied the knot in a star-studded wedding ceremony over the weekend despite the rumours that surrounded their relationship. Recall that when the couple went public with their relationship, a blogger gave reports that Segun was married with two kids and in fact, his 6th wedding anniversary was just days after he proposed to Toyin.

For months the couple kept mum, choosing not to confirm or deny any of the allegations but it seems Segun has given the people an answer when he responded to a follower that asked him to take good care of his kids while slipping a congratulatory message.

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Responding to the comment, Segun told the follower that he takes care of his kids and even the children of others but would rather not make it public as some do.

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