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Instagram 2021 Playback – Check Out How to Create your stories highlight

Instagram 2021 Playback - Check Out How to Create your stories highlight

Instagram has added Instagram 2021 Playback, new wrap-up feature for the end of the year, with the social media platform debuting 2021 Playback for some users on Thursday. The feature showcases what Instagram thinks are your best stories from the year, although you can add or delete other stories of your choice before publishing.

“To help you look back on your special moments this year, we created a playback from your 2021 stories,” the feature on Instagram says. “You can choose to add or remove stories before sharing.” 

2021 Playback, which Instagram calls a “time capsule” of your best moments, will be available for the next few weeks.

How to create your Instagram 2021 Playback

1. Open up the Instagram app, and a View your 2021 Playback tile should appear at the top of your feed underneath stories.

2. Select the blue View Playback button and you’ll see the 10 stories chosen for you by Instagram.

3. Choose whether to add or remove certain stories before clicking Share. This will publish your 2021 highlights to your stories.

If the 2021 Playback option hasn’t appeared for you, but you can see other people showcasing their own highlights, just click the 2021 sticker that appears in the corner of those stories. Instagram said the feature should be rolled out to all users by the end of the week.

The feature is similar to Snapchat’s year in review feature from the past several years, through which you can choose to send individual snaps to different people or publish to your story.

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