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Man breaks up with girlfriend of 5 years after discovering she has a secret child

A heart broken Nigerian man in a bid to keep friends and loved ones updated with happenings in his love life, announced that he dumped his girlfriend of 5 years after finding out she has a secret son.

The distraught man who goes by the name Fumlack Kingsley George also accused his girlfriend of cheating while they were dating, and further stated that he had no choice but to break up with her. Sharing a photo of the man his girlfriend of five years was cheating on him with, he wrote;





Pls for those who care and have been calling to know what’s happening with us lately, I present to you my official evidences and left with no choice but to do what I did! #LettingGoForGood.

Keeping a secret of having a son outside wed_luck for five years of us being in a relationship is thing I can never condone.

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