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We Have No Hand In His Arrest – EFCC Denies Hushpuppi


The Nigerian anti-graft commission EFCC has cleared its name out of Hushpuppi’s mess, saying it has no hand in his arrest.

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After news broke that Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai, accusing fingers pointed to EFCC for being one of the brains behind the arrest.

Clearing the air, the Commission’s acting head Ibrahim Magu, in an interview with TVC, noted that the commission is not involved in Hushpuppi’s arrest.

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He further noted that the Commission is not only arresting and persecuting Internet fraudsters as accused over time but also rehabilitates the suspects arrested for internet fraud.We Have No Hand In His Arrest - EFCC Denies Hushpuppi


We are yet to be involved in the case of Hushpuppi, but if they happen to give us this thing (details) we would assist. We are not all about arresting, prosecuting and chasing of internet fraudsters, and taking away the proceeds of their crime, but we are also trying to see wether we can rehabilitate them. Because most of this boys are either undergraduate or graduate from higher institutions, so they can be better people to our country. The menace of Yahoo boys is also a course of concern, we are collaborating with other law enforcement agencies.”

Yahoo boys have an association with their mothers who do not feel what their children are doing is a crime actually. It is called the Yahoo Yahoo Mothers Association, a suitation where the mother would go abroad and the child would stay there and help them syphon funds from credit card fraud. So we are doing everything possible to arrest the situation“, he said

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