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True Story: Eyewitness explains how the malnourished woman ‘was found’ in Ajah

There are currently viral videos and photos of amalnourished lady, standing under the Jubilee Bridge in the Ajah area of Lagos state.

Viral reports are claiming that the lady who was ‘big’ before was dropped off by a luxurious car.. and after she alighted she became lean.

Now in a new account by an Eye witness, identified as Wole Elekula has said that the woman was not thrown out of a moving car as claimed my multiple reports. He says she was found fully-clothed in a bush in Ajah by a man. The man who found her brought her to the road where she became a spectacle as people gathered to gawk at her for a whole day.

She reportedly took her clothes off the day after and stayed there until her story went viral and help came.

An update from those who took her off the road gave her name as Ene and said she has been taken to LUTH were tests have been carried.

Read what the eye witness wrote explaining how she came to be on that road:

“I was there and people that sell in the area said she was around that axis about a day or so although wearing clothes and still looking lean.

“Apparently according to reliable sources , a young man found in a bush around ajah and brought her outside, even gave her 200 naira to buy food, then she could talk , the girl said she went to Ile ife to see her boyfriend and she is from delta state as origin and that she lives in awoyaya.afterwards she could no longer talk.

“Then yesterday she pulled off her clothes and sat by the roadside around 3 pm or so. A car accidentally hit her on that spot , hence the.bruises on her body.

“No Benz dropped her. Annoyingly a Lagos state government 911 emergency bus came, after seeing her condition they took off. Policemen around the area stayed away despite pleas .one even cane and shot 3 times in the air to disperse crowd but they never went close and people re gathered taking pictures and laughing.

“This girl could still be saved if taken to a mental rehab and possible spiritual help from a real babalawo not pastors who are majorly fake in real situations like this . Pastors stage miracles, deliverance , etc at least 95 percent.

“Until 9 pm the girl was still there without any attempt to rescue, the DPO was informed but failed to mobilize policemen. Am sure if they do their work the perpetrators can be caught especially now that it’s on all blogs someone might just recognize her and let us know her bf or who she was last seen with.”

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