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WWTBAM – ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Returns To TV Screens After 4 Years

WWTBAM - ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ Returns To Television Screens After 4 Years

After a four-year break, popular television program, ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’(WWTBAM) is set to return to Nigerian screens.

THEWILL recalls that the programme, before the hiatus, was aired for 13-years (between October 8, 2004, and June 25, 2017).

The game show which has many obstacles had a grand prize of N10 million which has only been won by Aroma Ufodike in 2009.

However, according to the organisers of this year’s edition, N20 million will be up for grabs weekly as participants try weekly to go home with the grand prize.

The show will keep its many twists like the lifelines: ’50/50′, where the computer removes two random wrong options, leaving the right option and the other remaining wrong option.

‘Phone a Friend’, where the contestant has 30 seconds to call one of their friends; and ‘Ask the Audience’, where audience members use touchpads to designate what they believe the correct option to be and the percentage of the audience choosing each specific option is displayed for the contestant.

Speaking on the return of the show, Hakeem Condotti, CEO of BLK HUT media, the licensee and production house, stated that the wish of the organisers is to deliver creative, intelligent, and professional content that will show range and capacity.

Condotti also disclosed that the production company is proud to bring “international quality content” for the viewing pleasure of Nigerians.

He described the return of the show as a part of “COVID-19 relief that we all need as a nation”.

“As a company, our desire is to continuously deliver creative, intelligent and professional content to the market for the people and partner brands; and in the production of a brand with WWTBAM stature, we are able to show our range and capacity to this effect,” he said.

“We are proud to be bringing international quality content right to our screens again in Nigeria, be it on TV, Digital, Cable, or Mobile. As part of the much-needed Covid relief that we all need as a nation, WWTBAM is back to entertain, educate and once again, have viewers on the edge of their seats and creating millionaires every week!.”

The date of the latest edition is yet to be announced and it is not yet clear if  Frank Edoho, TV personality, will return as host of the show.


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