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10 Funny Reactions To The Curfew In Nigeria That Begins 4th Of May

Yesterday, President Buhari announced  that there will be an overnight curfew from 8pm to 6am. This means all movements will be prohibited during this period except for essential services.

This curfew is in line with the President’s decision to ease the lockdown that has been on for four weeks. Starting 4th of May, Nigerians are to be indoors between 8pm and 6am every day. But if you are the stubborn type and you choose to  defile the President’s order, Madam Corona will be lurking around, waiting to kiss you.

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Since the overnight curfew  was announced, there have been several hilarious reactions to the curfew in Nigeria. Naijmobile is here to show you the best of the best reactions.

1. This is Corona around 6am knowing it’s about to infect lot of people


2.Corona delighted to spread its tentacles  at a club

3.  Corona announcing how many people it infected

4. When corona catches you trying to enter your house at exactly 8:01

5. When you check the time inside traffic on your way home and it’s 8:01pm.


6.Gotta look out for your neighbors.


7.Corona introducing itself to the ‘companies’ that are allowed to open

9. Gotta get home on time.

10.Corona with the chase:

My own question is: Curfew from 8pm – 6am, because the virus na bat? Well, the curfew starts 4th of May so please stay safe. And if you’re feeling stressed, about this Coronavirus situation, please eat and sleep. Nor let worry kill you!

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