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11 Proven Ways You Can Live Up to 100-years-old

Let’s be realistic; nobody wants to for a minute think about aging but let’s be aging is inevitable and the habits you keep now can help play a significant role in how long you will live. So many people wonder if a human can live more than 100 years old, well the answer is Yes! Currently, the oldest person is the world is Kane Tanaka of Japan, aged 116 years, 173 days. You too can one day become the oldest person in the world by following the tips listed below:


Be active
An idle mind they say his the devil workshop, but an Idle brain is a path to an early grave. Keeping your brain active is vital as you age. A great way to keep your brain busy is by getting a hobby. Gardening, Painting, drawing, etc. are excellent ways to stay interested in life. Apart from keeping you engaged in life, a hobby will give you something to look forward daily. According to experts, good mental health is incredibly vital for good health.

Ways You Can Live Up to 100-years-old

Keep your teeth healthy
Healthy teeth? Yes! Although it may seem funny, brushing and flossing your teeth is a great way to get rid of germs from your heart that can increase the chances of you getting heart disease, liver disease or other deadly ailments. For proper dental health, it is best you make use of dental products that are free from fluoride and don’t have dangerous chemical additives.

Plan a vacay
Working and increasing your bank account is extremely important, but working too much and not creating time for yourself can reduce your lifespan. Plan a weekend getaway, vacation trip, and spend some time relaxing.

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A good amount of sleep
A plethora of medical research has found out that getting the right amount of sleep every night is essential for good health. Although there will be variation from person-to-person, doctors suggest the human body needs between 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Good sleep
Apart from having the right amount of sleep every night, you also need to ensure your sleep is “good.” You can achieve this by sharing your sleeping space with someone you have a soft spot for. Doing so is a great way to burn calories and relieve stress, thus making you healthier.

Be sociable
Isolation is not a good thing for anyone. Hanging out with friends can benefit your health. Medical research has proven that people who had have lasting friendships were 50% more likely to have a long life compare3d to those who did not.

Eat healthily
We all know food is life, but eating healthy does not prevent you from common disease but can increase your life span. You must not eat vegetables every day but reducing the amount of salt, sugar, and junk food will help you have a longer life. Although this may be hard if you wish you live up to 100 years old, then you will need to consider it.

Just as so many people hate the word “chores,” the word “exercise” is bad news to some people. But if you intend to live up to 100 years old, then you will need to sweat it! You don’t need to hit the gym every weekend you can do some few laps in your neighborhood, dance or walk some mile.

Don’t stress yourself
In this digital era, one major cause of poor health is stressing too much about life. From the young to the old, stress has no age; however, you can keep it under control by meditation, and taking life easy.

Quit Smoking
Do you know that more than over 1 million people smoke every day in Nigeria, resulting in the loss of over 9,700 life every year? Smoking two or even one cigarette daily may increase your risk for heart disease or lung cancer.

Cut down your alcohol
Consuming a moderate amount of alcohol will help improve your health. Overdrinking can cause liver disease, kidney disease, and other serious health issues that may prevent you from hearing your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren sing you a happy birthday song.

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