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Hon. Sam Ode, Member of the National Institute (mni), Member of the Commonwealth Association of Public Administration and Management and Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration, is a tested, trusted and renowned public administrator, lawyer and dynamic politician.

The masses of Benue State are earnestly calling on the APC stakeholders and delegates to the forthcoming gubernatorial primary election in Benue State to graciously nominate Hon. Sam Ode as the governorship candidate of the APC on the 20th day of May, 2022.

By His grace, when Sam Ode becomes the candidate of the APC, and is ultimately elected into office as Governor in 2023, he will further and much more put to practice his own ideology and philosophy of leadership, which is, putting the interest of the people first and always giving preeminent attention to issues that affect the common man.

Accordingly, his administration will guarantee the safety of lives and property in the state, introduce mechanized agriculture, revitalize our education and health systems, transform and remodel urban and rural communities, provide sustainable empowerment to women and youth, generate gainful employment through rejuvenation of the economy, upgrade the living conditions and welfare of Benue workers, retirees and all citizens of the state.

As the captain of the government when elected, his extensive and remarkable experience in governance, acquired by deliberate grooming and working closely with two Executive Governors as well as the President of the Federal Republic, would availed him the rare benefit to understand what it takes to creatively superintends the economy of the state to the fullest advantage of the Benue people.

Moreover, his all-embracing skill in public service has imbued Sam Ode with the requisite cosmopolitan mentality, innovation, political and emotional intelligence for the desired agenda; which fundamentally, is to drive Benue on the path of economic recovery, restore peace, unity and security of lives and property.

His core values and work ethics, coupled with his unrelenting and willful determination will no doubt, surmount the challenges of underdevelopment which have hindered the actualization of Benue people’s hope of a socio-economically enhanced and developed society.

Hon. Ode is ready to serve in order to satisfy the cravings and aspirations of Benue people. He will bring his vast knowledge; new energy and new ideas to the table, but he can’t achieve this all alone. Ode is counting on your support as a delegate to nominate him as the Party’s governorship flag-bearer.

Our highly esteemed APC delegates and stakeholders, with the mercies of God and your kind endorsement, Sam Ode will have the opportunity to not only actualize his vision of a prosperous, united and peaceful Benue, but also to holistically transform the state to become the New Benue of our dream, and to build a stronger future, we shall all be proud to bequeath to our children.


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