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Best Call Recording apps for iOS

You can always record your phone conversations to come for them later using the Best Call Recording apps for iOS. Check out our list of these apps and pick some for yourself.

Discussions or conversations are very vital in our world today, and since your brain cannot store or remember the most discussion, especially the once made over the phone, word for word, you need assistance. Recorders can help you store or save discussions. In addition, some business conversations should be recorded for clarity and transparency in the future. This article will enlighten iOS phone users of the current best call recording apps for iOS.

Best Call Recording apps for iOS

Best call recording apps for iOS.

(1) TapeACall Pro:

TapeACall Pro is one of the best recording apps for iPhone users. This app allows you to record unlimited discussions you make on your iPhone, both incoming and outgoing calls. It also allows you to have access to the recorded conversation and you share them on different social media platforms such as Facebook and others. It also gives you the leverage to cloud-save the recordings through Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote. Timeless recording can be done with this app, though the Lite version allows you to record for just 60 seconds. Once you click on the red, big button on your iPhone screen, the recordings begin and for conference calls, you tap the ‘merge calls’ option. You can give a name of your choice to the recorded conversations. This app goes for 10.99 dollars.

(2) Recorder Plus:

Recorder Plus is another great recording app that offers high-quality audio. This app is compatible with many audio quality formats like MP3, MP4, CAF, WAVE, and M4A. It gives the opportunity to select from three qualities: low, medium and high-quality. The free version of this app offers limited functionality and its paid version that cost 1.99 dollars offers you the opportunity to record unlimited calls.

(3) RecMyCalls-Call Recorder: 

RecMyCalls-Call Recorder is a wonderful recording app for iPhone users. The unique thing about this app is that it gives you total control over your recorded discussions. You can manage your recorded conversations and also share them with your friends and loved ones. For proper keeping of your recordings, the app enables you to rename them. This app can also be upgraded in other to record as many calls as possible. This site also has multiple languages support like English, Czech, French, Italian, German and many others. This app is totally free.

(4) Auto call recorder for iPhone:

Auto call recorder for iPhone is a reliable recording app for IOS users. It makes recording and storing your phone calls very simple. With this app, you can download and share your recorded conversations with your friends and loved ones. It has a nice user interface. The free version of this app has little to offer, but to have the full package of this app, you have to upgrade the monthly subscription that cost 7.99 dollars or the yearly subscription that cost 47.99 dollars.

(5) Call Recorder:

When it comes to recording your incoming and outgoing calls, Call Recorder is one of the great recording apps for IOS users. The app also works well on a teleconference, that is conference calls. For your complete call recordings, the app works well, though, for recordings above 60 seconds, you will need a Pro In-App to listen to the recordings. It also supports three-way calling on all cellular carriers except H2O Wireless and Virgin Mobile. You can also download or share your recordings through Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. You can enjoy all this without any cost.

(6) Call Recorder-IntCall:

IntCall is another recording app for iPhones and iPad users that has many great features. This app allows you to record both national and international calls. For easy accessibility, you can name or give a title to each recording.With this app, you have the leverage to play your recorded calls and also share them with your friends and loved ones through email and WhatsApp. You can also sync your recordings with Dropbox and Google Drive so that it will stay safe and easily accessible on all your devices. All of these features from IntCall is totally free.

(7) Voice Charger:

Voice Charger is a highly advanced call recording app for IOS users. It can record high-level calls without any interference. It also wonderful that permits you to incorporate special effects on your voice tone to make it sound strange. The special effects will enable you to sound like a girl, rabbit, wuthering wind and many more. This app is free.

(8) Best Call Recorder:

Best Call Recorder is another nice recording app that offers great quality recording. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded satisfactorily without you have any hindrance on the duration of time spent to record calls or on the number of recording. Recordings are made available immediately you finish a call and you can record both international and national calls. Your recorded conversations can also be shared on different platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Pocket, Linkedin and others. This app goes for 7.99 dollars only.

(9) ipadio:

ipadio is a small app that records calls very well and can also record audios and videos. IOS phone users do not need to pay any money, all they need do is to sign-in into the ipadio account, then they can start enjoying the ipadio app. With this app, you do not need to bother your phone memory by storing so many recordings in it,ipadio saves them in your ipadio account. Though this app appears tricky for call recording, it is good for iPhone users. Your recordings can also be shared on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress and others.

(10) Google Voice:

Google Voice is another great recording app for IOS users. To get started, you need to install the device on your iPhone and then enable your account, before you can start using it. To record a call on your iPhone you need to press down the 4 buttons and to stop the recording you still need to press down 4 buttons again. This app is limited to be able to record incoming calls only and this app is available only in the U.S. Anyway, the app is free.


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