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Top Big Value Upgrades of Spark 5 Pro compared to the Spark 5

Top Big Value Upgrades of Spark 5 Pro compared to the Spark 5

Spark 5 Pro – The Nigerian mobile phone market witnessed an increase in the number of affordable devices released in the past few months, but sadly of many of these devices do not offer better camera, performance and storage capacity. That means if you want good camera and adequate storage capacity, you will need to spend more. However, the latest TECNO Spark 5 Pro which was introduced as part of the Spark 5 series offers significant values in terms of storage, performance and camera at an affordable price.

Top Big Value Upgrades of Spark 5 Pro compared to the Spark 5

With its 128GB of storage, you have more than space to store your files without having to worry about low memory issues.

Below are some of the top upgrades of the new Spark 5 Pro compared to the Spark 5

Spark 5 Pro – Large Internal Memory

One of the big value upgrades of the TECNO Spark 5 Pro over the Spark 5 is the large internal memory of 128GB. This is paired with a 4GB RAM to provide a stable and fluent performance. While on the TECNO Spark 5, the internal memory is 32GB along with a RAM size of just 2GB. From this comparison, it is without a doubt that multitasking and gaming will be a lot faster and smoother on the Spark 5 Pro. Also, you don’t have to worry about frequent clean-up of junk files on the Spark 5 Pro to get more free storage because there is enough space to store your files.

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Spark 5 Pro – Faster Octa-core Processor

When it comes to performance, the TECNO Spark 5 Pro features a 4GB RAM combined with an Octa-core Helio A25 chipset. The Octa-core processor on the Spark 5 Pro is much faster primarily because of the bigger RAM size paired with it. The big RAM gives the processor more space to work with thereby leading to a much better overall performance of any task on the device like gaming.

Spark 5 Pro – Clear & Bright Photography with 16MP quad-rear camera

While both Spark 5 series sports a quad rear camera, that of the Spark 5 Pro features a 16MP main camera with a big f/1.8 aperture. The camera of the Spark 5 Pro will give you clearer and brighter photography as it is backed with AI Camera 3.0 algorithm.

Top Big Value Upgrades of Spark 5 Pro compared to the Spark 5

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting in day or night condition, with the 8x digital zoom, you’ll be able to capture images with great details clearly. The Quad-LED flash in the camera module also helps to tackle the problem of dim photos in low-light environments. According to TECNO, the Spark 5 Pro camera comes with a 14% sharpness improvement.

Spark 5 Pro – Slow-mo Video Recording

The TECNO Spark 5 Pro supports a 120fps slow-motion video recording. This feature allows you to capture the motion trail or change of every movement during a photography session. It is actually a fun way of recording video and is now a fan’s favourite. It is not available on the TECNO Spark 5, making it one of the top big value upgrades of the TECNO Spark 5 Pro. The TECNO Spark 5 Pro is now available in Nigeria and it retails for about N53,900 for the 3GB/64GB variant.


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