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Five Bizarre Facts About Africa

Five Bizarre Facts About Africa

 Africa, the black continent and home of 54 countries housing a population of over 1 billion people are shrouded in an air of quite interesting and somewhat puzzling mysteries. This is no wild guess as Africa is blessed with an estimate of 3,000 tribes with a wide range of...

The Story Behind the Change of Capital from Lagos to Abuja.

So many countries in the world have moved their Capital for one reason or another. Countries such as Burma moved her Capital from Rangoon to Naypyidaw in 2005; Brazil moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia in 1961; Cote d'Ivoire moved her Capital from Abidjan to Yamoussoukro in 1983. On...

Check out cost, requirements and how to Apply for US Green Card

The United States is a country of Possibilities and white picket fences! Many people have only imagined what the American dream will be like especially with the BUZZ of Hollywood, Disneyworld and the Statue of Liberty. To visit its iconic cities such as California, Newyork, Las Vegas, and Chicago would...
Lovely Easter Wishes

Lovely Easter Wishes You Can Send To Friends and Family

As Easter is around, so many people will want to wish their beloved this season. Therefore, we have decided to give you some Easter wishes you might find interesting. » Wishing you a very happy Easter 'with love and best wishes'.... May this Easter day brings lot of joy and...

Places To Visit in Abeokuta This Easter Season

There are different places residents or visitors who might find themselves in the beautiful city of Abeokuta which is the Ogun State capital. Here are list of some places you can go with your family and friends this Easter season. #1 OLUMO ROCK Olumo rock is actually the first place...

List Of Top Africa’s Richest Politicians And Their Net Worth

Politics is a serious business in Africa, in this article we will show you Africa's Richest Politicians And Their Net Worth Africa's Richest Politicians - RAILA ODINGA Net worth: $500M Country: Kenya Position: Leader of the Opposition Raila Odinga Kenya’s former prime minister. He was succeeded by current president Kenyatta...
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