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If your cooking gas has any of these problems, fix it quickly before your house explode

In Nigeria today,  most houses make use of the  liquefied gas in cooking. The liquefied gas comprises  of the gas cylinder, hoses and burners. This makes cooking faster and economically friendly. Though there are some dangers which using these cooking gas equipment may cause and they can put the life of your family and valuable properties at risk.
Below are four useful cooking gas tips to help you prevent your house from exploding due to gas leaks.
Cooking gas safety tips


Leaks from gas cylinders and hoses should be checked regularly to prevent excessive escape of gas through the punctured holes. It’s also vital to note that keeping the tubes away from sunlight and heavyweight material can help keep it safe from leaks.

Burners and stoves

Your burners and stoves should be check regularly even after cooking to ensure they are turned off properly to prevent explosion when a spark of light enters the kitchen.

Cooking gas safety tips


When using gas during your cooking time, ensure the doors and windows are open so excess gas can find their way out so, ventilation becomes paramount. The thin rubber which is housed where the hose is being inserted should also be change every 3 weeks to prevent leak and excessive pressure which may cause explosion.

Cooking gas safety tips


Always endeavour to change old cylinder which have stayed up to 3 years to prevent fatal explosion due to weakness of the cylinder. This can simply be done by taking the old cylinder to gas companies and asking for replacement with little addition of money.

Cooking gas safety tips

Don’t just read and close immediately, some families have lost their loved ones due to the explosion of gas that came as a result of ignorance of these fixing tips. As you’ve gained the knowledge, do others a favour by sharing this article.

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