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Huawei devices can no longer download VLC media player from Google Play

It would interest you to know that from this moment, Huawei phones will not have access to downloads of the fascinating VLC player, Stick around to find out what led to this development and why.

Huawei  as we know it is fast making great waves around the world including Nigeria. Today there are much better Huawei phones in the market and global brands like MTN has instigated contracts with the company.

Nevertheless, not minding this steady growth, you would agree with me that the company’s software is still quite lagging behind and these have caused a lot of headaches for app developers in terms of consistency maintenance and lack of maximum allowance of great performance within the applications. Because of this, earlier this week, the popular app, VLC media player has released a statement on its decision to blacklist the Huawei devices.

VLC remains one of the most widely used app on many different platforms including laptops, desktops, Android and Windows platforms alike. it is also regarded as one of the best media players which offers top scalability and customization features. And what even makes it better, it that it has not stopped upgrading its features to stay in line with innovation each passing day. Nevertheless, Hauwei devices has not properly played with it.

Why this decision

In a Twit via FrAndroid, VideoLAN has decided to blacklist Huawei smartphones from downloading VLC from Google Play. This decision was reached because of the astonishingly annoying way that Huawei software deals with background apps.

As VideoLAN states, these devices are very aggressive with killing background activities from apps that are not from Huawei itself.

This therefore, brings about so much problem in these apps, as the background feature cannot work further destroying the app. From the VideoLAN’s forums , you can see quite a number of its users making complains about these issues and due to a quick filter from VideoLan into the kind of devices that are seen to have these issues, it was revealed that the people that showed these problems were Huawei device owners

it is important to note that the VLC app can still be downloaded as a APK file on all affected devices, but according to VideoLan, until Huawei fixes these problems, direct download from the Google play store will not be possible. In addition, these decision does not affect previously created Huawei devices or previously downloaded versions. Rather the decision will only affect “recent” Huawei devices.

From my desk

Nonetheless, Huawei smart devices are still quite lovely devices but these decisions also prove that its developers should seek to upgrade its software and meet up the demands of technology in the present age. This I believe can be done. However, i stand solidly behind VLC for reaching these decision because not a lot of us will actually blame our phones when our apps malfunctions, we are so quick to blame the app developers and such bad reviews can have negative impacts on its downloads and  in no time, poor ratings lead to the extinction of such applications.

This is my opinion, but i would love to hear yours, what do you think about these decision made by VLC to put a stop to Huawei smart phones from downloading it via Google Play.

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