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Moments at the BBNaija “Shine ya eyes” Saturday Night Party with TECNO Phantom X

Moments at the BBNaija "Shine ya eyes" Saturday Night Party with TECNO Phantom X

Saturday Nights at the BBNaija Season 6 “Shine ya eyes” are always a look out session on the screens of the viewers as it is for them party at home.

We definitely know that the DJ is always the life of the party, and DJwysei left the housemates in high spirit by carefully selecting and putting up lined up of songs that appealed to their emotions.

Before the party, the housemates get to dress with stunning and lovely outfits that depict the theme of the party.

From the shots captured with the amazing Phantom X, the housemates were dressed to showcase the Afro culture, also known as “old school” and the touch of the Afro wigs did give us a blend and pretty much ideas on what the likes of James Brown, Jackson 5 did look like.

I must say the color detailed quality camera from Phantom X did not disappoint us once again, as shots from before and after party came out beautiful.

The lights, cameras, poise, charisma, fun and laughter will make you long to be in the BBNaija house, not to talk more of the fact you get to experience and handle the brand’s premium smartphone, Phantom X which has great specs and amazing features.

Looking for a best friend to accompany you to a beautiful party, Phantom X is your best bait for a fulfilled, exciting and thrilling moments.


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