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Nigeria 59th Independence- Top 10 reasons you should be celebrating

Today we are green. Green with life, energy, freshness, fertility, and hope. From the affluent areas to the run-down neighborhoods like Ajegunle, the streets are lined with men, women and delighted children. Storefronts adorn with bales of green and draped with white banners. Green-white-green flags fly in the air. It’s October 1st- Nigeria 59th Independence

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If you are among those that pour insults on Nigeria on Independence Day for not being like  France, Unites States or other developed countries is like insulting your father on his birthday for not being as rich as Bill Gate or Dangote.

It is high time we change this attitude of pessimism and hopelessness and believe that one day our country will be great. Today is Nigeria’s birthday. A birthday is a day that comes once a year and it should be celebrated for several reasons. Here are 10 reasons you should celebrate Nigeria as she clocks 59

We are defeating Polio

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Thanks to the Federal Government the Bill and  Melinda Gates Foundation, our beloved country is on the verge of being declared polio-free, which would mean the virus has been eradicated across Africa.

We are among the strongest Military Africa

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Currently, at 59, Nigeria posses the 5th strongest military in Africa

We have the Largest Economy in Africa

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Believe it or not, Nigeria currently has the largest economy in Africa. With an estimated population of 200 million, our country boasts of $376.284bn in GDP, making us the highest GDP in Africa.

We have quick access to Information

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Gone are the days where you must visit the Cyber Cafe to browse the internet. More people in Nigeria have access to information thanks to the rapid spread of the internet and smartphones.

We are now getting more women in  school

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Flashback to the 70’s , 0’s and 90’s Nigeria women are confined to the four walls of their kitchen. But things are now much better as our women are embracing education and not forced into early marriages. A very good reason to celebrate Nigeria 59th independence

Child mortality rates are getting low


Yes, child mortality rates have decreased more than they have ever been in Nigeria’s history. During the 90’s, we had over 100 infant deaths per 1,000 live births but now the number has fallen to 70.20 deaths per 1,000 live births.

We are winning the war against Malaria

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To be honest, malaria remains the major cause of death in Nigeria, the number of deaths caused by the deadly disease fell from 225,609 in 1990 to 190,254 in 2015 and now it is currently  120,100.

Improved Communication

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Communication has improved tremendously in 2019. In Nigeria today, we are now able to communicate with friends family all over the country and abroad without any hiccup. Also, calls and data are now very cheap.

We support each other

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Everyone is supportive of each other when things go bad.  Enmity is buried and friendship is renewed when we see others suffer misfortune. We take comfort in seeing others who have different ideas and beliefs stand together and fight a common cause in Nigeria.

Great Citizens


You, I and every other Nigerian are one of the country’s achievement. When it comes to talents and brains, we are among the best in the world. This is no exaggeration!! There is no field in this world where Nigerians have not made our marks, talk about the prestigious Nobel Prize, sports, entertainment, politics,  engineering, medicine, etc. Just mention any field and you are sure to find Nigerians making waves there.

See? Nigeria 59th Independence is worth celebrating.No doubt the country is currently troubled, corrupt and in need of strong leadership but with love and unity we can make Nigeria great!


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