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The Naijmobile Guide To Having A Wonderful Life During The Lockdown

Some call it a lockdown, others call  it a compulsory public holiday. Whatever name you choose to describe the current situation in Nigeria, the truth is that this lockdown is going to exceed two weeks and we all feel like prisoners in our homes.

So, how can you have a good time just being indoors for two freaking weeks? It is ridiculously painful, we know. But guess what? We’ve devised a way you can have a good time during the lockdown.

Secure the food

The most important thing you will need during the lockdown is food. Stock up on your favorite food.

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Don’t rely on NEPA

Disappointmet and NEPA are like 5 & 6. Come through for yourself with your generator and make sure it is in good shape. Since fuel won’t be scarce, it is advisable not to stock up on fuel.

Exercise while indoors


Keep your body in good shape by skipping, doing some push-ups or dancing. We have some good dance steps you can use to stay fit during the lockdown

Block False News Carriers on Social Media

If you truly want to have a wonderful time during the lockdown, you will need to get rid of  fake news carriers online.

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Create a good playlist

Think of it as your personalized DJ. This playlist will come though when you feel like dancing or maybe twerking.

Watch some funny movies

This is for your own sanity dear.Don’t feed yourself with too much news about coronavirus. Take break and watch some comedy online or on TV.

Stay in Touch With Friends and Family

Last but not the least, don’t forget to check up on your friends and family. Call and send messages to your loved ones to make sure they are up to date with the latest news on COVID-19

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