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Top 10 Most Popular Foods in Nigeria 2023

Nigerian cuisine stems from a rich fusion of traditions spanning the ethnic groups in the country’s North, East, West and South regions. Meals can include dishes from different cultures featuring staples like cassava, rice, beans, meat, fish, vegetables, spices, palm oil and more. The popularity of certain foods also sometimes cuts across regional or ethnic lines.

This list highlights the foods you are most likely to find in any Nigerian home or celebration based on commonality, uniqueness, taste and historical significance. These delicious foods have become quintessential for both local Nigerian palates and foreigners seeking an authentic Nigerian culinary experience.

Top 10 Most Popular Foods in Nigeria 2023

Nigerian cuisine offers a delicious and diverse blend of foods reflecting the country’s cultural history and variety. Nigerians love food and enjoy both local and international dishes in their daily meals and special events. Check out the top 10 most popular foods you will find on plates across Nigeria:

1. Jollof Rice

Topping the list is Nigeria’s unofficial national dish – Jollof rice. This aromatic, tomato-based rice dish flavored with spices and meat or fish is a staple from the West African region to Nigeria’s shores. Nigerians have personalized it with more vegetables and pepper to make it irresistibly tasty.

Jollof rice is served on special occasions and big events as the star cuisine. The dish comes in different regional variations but remains a unifying favorite across the country. No true Nigerian menu is complete without piping hot Jollof rice.

2. Suya

Suya is another quintessential Nigerian food adored nationwide. Skewered roasted meat coated in ground peanuts, spices, and vegetable oil, suya provides a delicious, filling snack along the streets. Beef and ram meat are common though chunks of chicken or fish also work.

The Hausa civilization popularized suya which can now be found in towns and cities across all geopolitical zones. Street food spots serve up this spicy, barbecue-style meat for evening cravings and quick bites on the go. Suya and chilled drinks make the perfect combo.

3. Pepper Soup

Nigerians love pepper soup so much that it features on most dining and drinking occasions. This spicy, light broth combines meat, fish or goat pieces in a soup swimming with hot peppers and spices. Variants use different meats and extra ingredients like ginger, herbs, vegetables or nuts for unique tastes.

Pepper soup provides warmth and comfort for gatherings at home and fun nights out. The spicy soup helps clear the sinuses too! Fish and assorted meat pepper soups remain favorites across Nigeria.

4. Moi Moi (Beans Pudding)

Moi moi, made from mashed beans, onions, peppers, and salt steamed in leaves, makes a delicious side dish or snack. This savory and dense steamed bean pudding accompanies many Nigerian menus, ceremonies, and social events.

Though mostly paired with rice dishes, moi moi also makes a hearty protein-rich meal on its own. Nigerians have mastered the technique of achieving the right balance of smooth, rich bean paste combined with aromatic flavors. You can never go wrong with well-made, moist moi moi.

5. Eba (Garri)

Eba is another Nigerian food staple made by turning Garri, dried and granulated cassava, into a thick dough with hot water. This firm, stretchy and slightly sticky dough when made right is perfect for scooping egusi, okra, ogbono or other Nigerian soups and stews.

Eba offers a welcome carbohydrate kick for soaking up rich sauces and gravies accompanying meats and fish. Hotel menus must include eba to meet expectations of the average Nigerian diner. Eba makes eating traditional soups and stews easier and tastier.

6. Egusi Soup

Speaking of soups and stews, Egusi soup is a legendary Nigerian delicacy. Egusi seeds from cucurbitaceae plants like squash, melons and gourds create the soup’s unique thick, pasty texture and earthy taste. Cooks combine the ground egusi seeds with leafy vegetables, meats, peppers, spices, and palm oil for flavor.

Egusi soup can feature all kinds of vegetable combinations like spinach, bitterleaf, okazi, ugu and many others. Beef, fish, snails or other proteins work as well in the brawny soup. No celebratory feast in Nigeria is complete without huge pots of egusi soup served with eba or pounded yam.

7. Pounded Yam

Now we come to the beloved pounded yam, another Nigerian cuisine icon. Pounding boiled yam with a mortar and pestle turns the tubers into a smooth, stretchy and satisfying dough ball custom made for all kinds of delicious soups.

Nigerians consider the “Swallow” from pounded yam a test of culinary skills. Only perfectly pounded yam with the right stretch and consistency will do. Pounded yam and egusi soup is a match made in Nigerian food heaven.

8. Chicken/Catfish Pepper Soup

Here is another variant of the popular Nigerian pepper soup worth highlighting – chicken and catfish pepper soup. Chicken pieces and catfish combined in one peppery, herby broth makes for a stellar flavor combo.

The natural sweetness of catfish against the meaty chicken in a spiced up soup excites local taste buds. Other ingredients like uziza, ginger, garlic, onions, spices and chilli peppers further jazz it up. This soup is a staple during celebrations.

9. Okpa

Okpa, a mouth-watering snack from the eastern region, has gained nationwide fame in Nigeria. Nigerians prepare the crunchy, savory Okpa by steaming grated water yam seasoned with spices, palm oil and optional toppings like roasted peanuts, shredded dry fish or crayfish.

The snack offers a sweet, dense cake-like texture combining hearty water yam flavor with nutty, spicy accents. Okpa makes the perfect on-the-go bite or can be served in larger portions as a filling meal. This versatile snack has become a favorite across Nigeria.

10. Fried Rice

Closing off the list is Nigeria’s adored version of fried rice. Nigerian fried rice adds a delicious local twist with its rich tomato stew base and smoky scented jollof rice. Kidney beans, vegetables and a helping of protein like chicken, beef or shrimp complete it.

The unmatched aroma and taste of Nigerian fried rice keeps diners wanting more. Clever cooks also add extras like diced carrots, green peas or scrambled eggs for further flavor pops. Party jollof rice gets an even bigger flavor boost when cooked up as fried rice.


Nigerian cuisine offers a delectable variety of dishes reflecting the country’s diverse culinary heritage. Foods like Jollof rice, suya, pepper soup and pounded yam have emerged as national favorites based on popularity, uniqueness and cultural significance. Nigerian meals capture a rich blend of starch, proteins, vegetables and signature flavors appealing to local palates.

These top 10 dishes offer just a snippet of Nigeria’s boast-worthy cuisine. There are still many more sensational soups, snacks, pastes, porridges, swallows and drinks worth tasting across Nigeria. Global food lovers seeking authentic local flavor should explore popular Nigerian dishes to discover the country’s amazing food culture.