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10 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day In Nigeria

Independence Day is a time to celebrate freedom, remember the past and look forward to the future. This 1st of October, we’ve put together a list of 10 things you can do in Independence Day celebrations around the country that will help you celebrate Nigeria’s independence in style.

Ways to Celebrate Independence Day In Nigeria

Ways to Celebrate Independence Day In Nigeria

1. Get your PVC

Voting is one of the most important duties of citizens in any democracy. On this day, encourage your friends and family members who don’t have their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) to get them so they can vote when elections come up next year.

If they don’t want to get them because they don’t think they will vote anyway – talk them into it! It’s very important that everyone votes because elections are the only way we can choose our leaders democratically.

2. Show Kindness

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Kindness is something that we all need to show more of, but especially on a national day such as Independence Day.

3. Volunteer at an Orphanage

The number of orphans in Nigeria is increasing each day, with many parents dying from diseases like HIV/AIDS, or being killed by Boko Haram. Volunteering at an orphanage will help you show kindness to those less fortunate than us, while also giving them some hope in this difficult time.

4. Support Small Businesses

Instead of shopping at big chain stores, go to local businesses and support their efforts! This will help small businesses grow and provide jobs for more people in your community.

5. Organize a Blood Drive or Blood Donation Drive

Blood drives are one of the most important things you can do on Nigerian Independence Day because they help save lives! You can organize a blood donation drive by asking local hospitals if they need any volunteers or by organizing your own event using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

6. Watch movies about Nigeria’s independence

Nigeria has had several movies about her independence. Some of the most popular ones include: October 1st, Invasion 1897 and Amazing Grace. If you want to learn more about what happened in our history, these movies will be a good start.

7. Listen to music from that era

Music also played a huge part in shaping our country. Listen to some music from that era and try to imagine how it must have been like back then. Look for old songs by Fela Kuti or King Sunny Ade for example. You will see how much they influenced us today and how different our lives would have been without them!

8. Pray for peace and unity in Nigeria.

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do on this day. Pray that God will make us a great nation that is united and at peace with itself. Pray that God will show us what we have to do to achieve this. Pray that God will help us see ourselves as one people with one destiny, united under one flag.

9. Learn more about your culture

One of the best things to do on Independence Day is to learn more about your tribe and how it shaped the way you live today. To do this, you can read about the history of your tribe and some folklore.

10. Take yourself for a treat

Independence Day is a public holiday in Nigeria so why not treat yourself to something nice? You may want to go out with friends or family members and have a good time together. If you are single, then this is an excellent opportunity to spend time by yourself.

You can watch movies or read books at home if your schedule does not allow you to go out with friends or family members. You can also watch football matches on television if there are any big matches happening that day.


There are many ways to celebrate Independence Day in Nigeria. You can attend a local parade, watch a patriotic movie, or visit a historical site. You can also celebrate by cooking Nigerian food, listening to Nigerian music, or flying the Nigerian flag. However you choose to celebrate, remember that Independence Day is a time to reflect on Nigeria’s past and present and to look forward to its bright future.

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