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5 Best Sites To Download Filipino Movies & Series

Sites To Download Filipino Movies 2023

People have different choices of movies and TV series that they watch, while some are a fan of Hollywood and they’ll prefer to download movies and tv series online. Others like to explore the Asian movie world and we know there are different categories of Asian movies and series based on the Asian country you follow.

In today’s article on, you’ll find the best sites to download Filipino movies and series online, you’ll be able to download these movies and series on your smartphone or PC.

List of the Best Sites To Download Filipino Movies & Series

Filipino movies are sometimes called Pinoy movies and you’ll find plenty of them online. We’ve listed the best websites to get them for free, and on these websites, you’ll find different categories of Filipino Movies and Series you can download for free.

1. Nkiri

Nkiri is a very good website for downloading movies online and you’ll find different movies on this website. If you want to download Filipino movies online, you can always check Nkiri but you’ll mostly find old movies from 2019. This website uploads both Filipino movies and English movies and you can download them easily without signing up and you don’t have to pay before downloading as well.

Nkiri is actually very popular despite its recent inactivity in providing Filipino movies and series, the website has different Pinoy movies from years back till 2019. You can always visit Nkiri for any of your old favourite Pinoy movies, they provide these movies in good quality and you can also stream them as well.

2. ReleaseBB

ReleaseBB is a website where movies are being uploaded for fans to download for free. There are different categories of movies you’ll find on ReleaseBB and movies are also categorized based on country and languages, you’ll find not just only Pinoy movies but also movies from Hollywood and so on. Downloading movies on ReleaseBB is very easy, when you search for a movie, the download link is automatically added below it.

ReleaseBB is a very good website and it’s one of the best sites to download Filipino movies, and their movies play well on mobile or PC. You’ll find different Filipino movies and series on ReleaseBB and it’s a very reliable website to download movies as well.


If you want to download philippine movies on your mobile phones or computers and you need a reliable source to download from, WLEXT is the perfect website you should visit and you’ll be surprised with the awesome collection of Filipino movies and series you’ll find on this website. They have collections of soap operas and their episodes are always updated and uploaded on time.

WLEXT can be your sure source for downloading Filipino movies online for free. They also have movies for different countries as well, you can also download Hollywood movies for free and they have clear and maximum quality on their movies, WLEXT is one of the best sites to download Filipino movies and series online.

4. PinoyMoviePedia

PinoyMoviePedia is the home to any Filipino movies you want to download online, and this website is known to be one of the most active websites that offer pure Filipino movies online and gives people the chance to stream and download Filipino movies at the same time. PinoyMoviePedia has a huge collection of Filipino movies and downloading them is quite easy and that’s why it’s one of the best sites to download Filipino movies.

On PinoyMoviePedia you can still get some latest Filipino movies to download for free, movies from 2020 to 2022 are all available on PinoyMoviePedia. It’s an outstanding website to download Filipino movies from.

5. Download-AnyMovies

Download-AnyMovies isn’t really a website that hosts movies for free download, but it acts as a search engine for finding any movie online and it’ll fetch the movie’s direct download link for you. Download-AnyMovies is the best for finding Filipino movies online and it is very easy to access, you can get the latest Filipino movies and series on this website, all you just have to do is search for the movie name and it’ll fetch out results.

You can fetch new and old Filipino movies from Download-AnyMovies, it’s a good source for finding Filipino movies and it’s one of the best sites to download Filipino movies online. It’s a reliable website and it offers the best.


These are the best sites to download Filipino movies online, they’re free and can be accessed anytime. You can also download movies that are not Philippine related and some of their movies are provided alongside English subtitles.

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