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7 young igbo men meet their utimely death as they try to rescue an Hausa man inside a soakaway

A terrible accident happened earlier this morning at Enugu, Ezike, Enugu state.

As posted by Davidston King on Facebook, an Hausa man was hired to take out the unnecessary water from a soakaway but the Hausa man ignorantly took the generator and the pipe in the pit to draw off the unnecessary water.

When the smoke from the generator became too much, there was no way for him to get out of the pit. The smoke got the attention of people and they summon some young men to rescue the Hausa man.

When the first person entered he was unable to get out too, the second person entered to rescue the first but he could not come out too and that was how all of them followed each other in rescue if the other person which led to their death.

May their soul rest in peace .

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