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Gone are the days when phones were used for the sole purpose of making calls and sending text messages. The smartphones we have nowadays can do most of what a computer can do. We can surf the net, look for new friends, play games and record audio and video with this little device. However, we can only perform this task when there is sufficient battery power. How painful is it when we run out of battery power right in the middle of a chat or conference call. Here’s a list of common things that kill your battery quickly.



You’re waiting to see the doctor or traveling on a train and the boredom soon kicks in. To pass away the time it’s not uncommon to get out our phone and play candy crush or clash of titans. Firing your brain cells to find three matching pieces on candy crush makes time pass away swiftly, but it also drains your battery quickly, mainly due to their high graphic quality (and sound if you have it turned on).



It is hard to find people with smartphones who don’t check their Facebook feeds at least once a day. Social media lets you keep up to date with what’s going on, or just chat to friends or post on their wall. But it’s also a battery drainer and if you don’t close the account down it’ll often be running in the background too.



Most smartphones nowadays come with extra-large screens which can be great if you’re watching videos on them. Of course you need some amount of brightness to see your phone screen, but keeping it bright drains life out of your battery. If you use it for a torchlight it empties the battery even quicker.

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Bluetooth can be a blessing. Not only does it allow you to enjoy the generosity of people, it keeps you productive as well. With Bluetooth, you can connect your phone to a Bluetooth enabled headset, share and receive files and so much more. When your Bluetooth isn’t needed, be sure to turn it off. Forgetting to turn if off, like many people do, will drain your battery faster than a bullet train traveling to Tokyo.



Some of us have become so dependent on location services on our phone that we could get lost without it. GPS allows us to find places via Google Maps and saves you having to ask people the directions to a place if you haven’t been before. But if you leave it on for too long you run the risk of losing power even before you reach your destination. It’s a good idea before leaving home to download the map so they can be used offline, as uing GPS whilst also being connected to the Internet is a sure-fire battery drainer.



Music is life. We often turn to services like Rhapsody and Pandora to get the music we needs. The problem is that Spotify, the most popular music service, drains life out of our battery pretty quickly, especially if you’re not listening to music with earphones. It’ll save your battery life if you have the songs downloaded to your phone and not connected to the Internet.



Everyone can guess what you are doing with your phone when you pull a weird gesture with your face before typing a message. There is a 90% chance that you are on Snapchat, and you want to let some folks envy you a little. If you still love your battery, you just have to turn off the geofilter and rainbow puking. Snapchat is a big battery killer because it makes use of your camera and location service at the same time.



This is one of the coolest messaging apps that allow us do incredible things like sending a GIF or emojis to friends. Almost everybody who uses Facebook also uses Facebook Messenger. As sweet as the app maybe, it is a big time battery killer. If your battery is running low, your best bet is to resist sending that hilarious picture to your friend until you get your phone back on charge.



Netflix allows you to watch HD videos over a WIFI network. The movies list and TV shows on it is almost endless! This cool streaming service takes us to an entire new world of fantasy, helping take our mind off the stress of life. As good as this may be, one thing it won’t do for you is give life to your battery. This is due to its high HD display and the data it burns. In simpler terms, Netflix is your phone battery’s enemy.

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