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Check out how to apply for US Visa Lottery

A lot of us are faced with challenges on how to apply for the US Visa Lottery application processes. This post gives you instructions on how to scale the US Visa Lottery.

American Visa Lottery application happens every year, but you must be eligible before you begin the application.  Therefore, you should first check that your country is eligible before taking the next step. The American Visa is also called the Green Card. In this article, we will discuss the application instructions and everything you need to begin your application.

Check out how to apply for US Visa Lottery

American Visa Lottery – Application Instructions/Warnings

To begin your application, you will have to apply online via the Dept of State website.

Do not use any other site or non-governmental website to do this application.

The name of the form is Form DS-5501, otherwise called the Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form and is only open during the registration period.

However, you cannot download the form as the paper entries are not allowed. The objective is to ensure that the process is kept secure and efficient.

In addition, the Department of State utilizes a special technology to checkmate persons who have been involved with fraudulent activities, who migrated illegally or have submitted. Only complete and appropriately filled forms are allowed. In addition, you cannot make more than one entry at once. Even if someone helped you the first time, you cannot make another entry.

In addition, when making the application, do not send any documents to anywhere other than within the online application.

How to fill the US Visa Lottery application

This instruction will explain the right way to fill the sensitive portions of your form. However, the areas not talked about here are self-explanatory.

  1. Full Name: here you are expected to fill in this pattern – Last/Family Name in CAPITAL LETTERs, First/Given Name, Middle Name
  2. Date of Birth: in the pattern  is – Day, Month, Year ( Do not use the US pattern of  Month, Day, Year)
  3. A country where you are born: Please the country you currently use  as your place of birth should be used in this space
  4. Country of Eligibility or Chargeability for the DV Program: Sometimes, this might be your place of birth. In other cases, it can be the country for either your spouse or one of your parents.
  5. Entry Photographs: It must be recent digital photographs of you, your spouse and all unmarried minor children under the age of 21 years.

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In addition, married children or children older than 21 years are not included in your application.

With regards to the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA), the child can migrate if the application was made before the child turned 21 and that the child turned 21 before visa issuance.

However, to take advantage of this, the child must seek to acquire the immigrant visa within a year of the visa becoming available. Only individual photographs are applicable, no family photographs are to be added.

To fail to list of all your eligible children and/or spouse and will result in the disqualification of the case and the immigration visa will be rejected at the time of visa interview.  If you have children born after the application

8. Mailing Address:  When writing this, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City/Town, District/County/Province/State, Postal Code/Zip Code and Country

9. Phone number: It is actually optional but recommended that you put it if you have a phone number so they can reach you.

10. Email Address: This is mandatory  and is usually used for effective communication. Please use your personal email that works.

Note*** You will not recieve any official selection via your email. However, if your entry is selected and you respon to the letter recieved from the kentucky Consular Centre, you will recieve follow-up communication for them by email.

11. What is the Highest Level of Education You have achieved, as of today? For this section, any of this is applicable. 1. Primary school only. 2. high school, no degree, 3. High school degree 4. Vocational school, 5. Some universal courses 6. University degree, 7. some graduate level courses 8. Master degree 9. Some doctorate level course and 10. Doctorate degree.

12. Marital Status: Married, Unmarried, Widowed, Divorced or Legally Seperated

13. Number of Children: The total number of children you have unmarried and below the age of 21. Children who are already US. citizens should not be added.

14. Spouse Information: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, City/Town of Birth, Country of Birth and Photograph.

15. Children Information: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, City/Town of Birth, Country of Birth , and  Photograph.

16. There is no need for signature in this form

How to know when your application is confirmed.

As soon as you have registered successfully, you  will see the confirmation screen that shows your name and a unique confirmation number. Please print this screen out and hold on to it. If you lose this information. The only way you can be alerted is by post as the number cannot be resent to you. In addition, there is no way to see the list of selected persons either by consulate or U.S embassy.


How to check if you have been shortlisted for the U.S Visa lottery

To check the status of your application, you will need to visit the official website, within the begging of March the following year after your application.


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