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BBNAIJA Shine Ya Eye: Check Out The Names Of Some Housemates’ Fanbases

Every year during the Big Brother Naija show we get introduced to a new set of house mates that would keep us entertained. The more we get to meet new house mates, the more we also get to see new fanbases. These fanbases select a particular house mate as their favorite, then they coin out a fanbase name from the names of their favorite house mates.

The past big Brother Naija season had housemates with various fanbase names, we heard of the Elite fanbase which belongs to Erica, there was the Ninjas fanbase for Nengi. There was also Superions, Vee hives, Neo Tribe, and many more amazing fanbases.

This year’s big Brother Naija has introduced us to a whole new fanbase, let’s take a look at the current house mates and their fanbases.

1. The Marudites

This fanbase belongs to the Big Brother Naija House Mate Identified as Maria, her social media handler chose this name for her fans. The name is represented by the butterfly emoji, so if you see anybody with the butterfly emoji that person is a fan of Maria.

2. The Emirates

This fanbase belongs to the Big Brother Naija house mate Identified as Emmanuel, the name was coined out of his own name. The fans have already accepted the name as their own and are calling themselves the Emirates.

3. The Taxation

This fanbase belongs to the Big Brother Naija House Mate Identified as Princess, the name was gotten from her job as a Taxi driver. The name is represented by the Taxi emoji, alot of fans were not happy about this name because they believe she won’t be a Taxi driver forever.

4. The Sasforce

This fanbase belongs to Saskay, this is actually one of the simplest fanbase name. The name is is just like saying Saskay’s force, the fans are definitely happy with the name they chose.

5. Polymaths

This fanbase belongs to Yerins Emmanuel, due to the fact that he identifies himself as a Polymath, his fans decided to call themselves the Polymaths.

6. The White Money Gang

BBNaija WhiteMoney

This fanbase belongs to White Money, since his name is white Money the fans decided to call themselves the white money gang. The fans fell inlove with the name immediately and they are happy with it.

7. The Lions

This fanbase belongs to Liquorose, the name is represented by a Lion emoji. Alot of people disagreed with this name because they don’t want to be identified as Animals, but they have finally accepted it.

8. The Jaguars

This fanbase belongs to the one and only Jackie and it was coined from her name, this name caused alot of mixed reactions amongst her fans too.

9. The Yunikstars

This fanbase belongs to Yousef, it is just like saying Unique Stars.

10. Cross Nation

This fanbase belongs to the house mate Cross, the name also came from the combination of his own name.


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