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Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

Check out the best photo editing apps for Andriod and iOS smartphones in 2019.

Great pictures can be taken with your smartphones, though these pictures can be improved on, in a unique way to give you that wonderful image of your desire. And as you know not every smartphone can give you the leverage to edit your pictures to your desire. However, never too worry because this article will give you a list of the best photo editing apps for your IOS and Android phones.

Best Photo Editing Apps for IOS and Android

  1. Google’s Snapseed:

Google’s Snapseed is a free photo editing app for both IOS and Android that was developed by Google. It has to default preset filters that you can even edit to your taste and it gives room for you to create yours from the start. It has several editing classical tools such as cropping, frames, text, vignettes, straightening, rotating, perspective and curves and many more. It also has precision masking tool and “Selective adjust “ tool. This photo editor gives you the opportunity to save your edited images so that you can work on them at any time, and you can share your pictures with other social media groups.

Download: Andriod, iOS

2. VSCO:

VSCO is a free photo editing app that combines both camera, editing tools, and an online community. What is so unique about it? wonderful filters. These great filters make your photos appear like pictures taken on an analogue film camera. These smooth and stylish filters give a unique difference to your photos. It has other editing tools such as cropping, vignettes, borders, adjustments and many more. The apps filters can be adjusted by you just by simply sliding. VSCO can also be used to adjust the brightness, exposure, temperature or skin tones. After you have finished editing your pictures, there is room for sharing with VSCO’s community or other social media.

Download: Andriod, iOS

4. Prisma Photo Editor:

Prism Photo is a free editor app that turns your photos into artist “paintings” and “drawings”. It uses artificial neural networks that help your photos appear like they were painted by one of the world’s greatest artists or painters. All you need do is to make a pick from a collection of several selections of various drawing styles and patterns and your photo will be changed into a kind of illustration, then by sliding your finger over the filtered image it will just blend into your main photo and you can edit the picture with its editing tools to suit your taste. You can also save your images and you can also share them on social media.

Download: Andriod, iOS

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5. Adobe apps:

Adobe gives some free editing apps for both Android and IOS phones. Adobe Photoshop Express and Lightroom are the most popular among the Adobe editing apps. The Photoshop Express gives you the opportunity to include filters, crop photos, input frames and many more. The apps help save you time by suggesting readily made collages. It has the primary editing tools such as exposure, cropping, adjustment and others. It also gives you the leverage to remove dirt, spots, dust, and blemish from your photos and use filters to enhance the photo. This app also supports RAW photos and Tiff files as well. You can also add custom text and watermarks to photos. Your edited images can be stored in their Creative Cloud accounts in the cloud. While the Adobe Lightroom gives you the room to capture, edit and even share photos with other social media platforms. It has an HDR mode that helps correct overexposed or underexposed scenes. It also has various presets that can be used to edit your photos to your standard. You can always reverse the edited version of your photo to its original state. Your images can also be saved in Creative Cloud if you are a subscribed user.

Download: Photoshop ( Andriod, iOS), Photoshop Lightroom CC ( Andriod, iOS), Adobe Photoshop Fix ( Andriod, iOS)

6. Afterlight 2:

Afterlight 2 is an all-round photo editing app. It has every primary editing tool coupled with tools to adjust the exposure, hue/ saturation, contrast, and tone. It also has huge options to add and customize text. It also possesses over 128 frames where you can select from and so many wonderful filters, which are also customizable. It has other great features such as prism effects, light leaks, real film, and dusty film overlays and these features can help you produce amazing photos that will just keep people staring and admiring your beauty. The app supports RAW files editing. This app cost about 0.99 dollars.

Download: Andriod, iOS


SKRWT is a photo editing app that helps you to adjust that picture you just took to fit your perspective perfectly. It comes with an automated cropping and perspective correction. It also has a “4 Points Correction” which you can manually use to edit the perspective. As for lens distortion, a problem that is prevalent most smartphone cameras, SKRWT can correct it. This app cost about 0.99 dollars.

Download: Andriod, iOS

9. Facetune:

Facetune is a great portrait photo editing app that is made to make you look so amazing. It enables you to make fast professional photo editing adjustments to your images like to smoothen the skin, whiten the teeth, discard blemishes, and you can also the facial looks of your image with just a few swipes and taps. It has several nice graphics which you can select from to change the background of your selfie. Moderation is advised while using this app, except you want your image to look awkward. You can also reverse your edited image to its original state by tapping and holding down the blue button at the bottom of the screen. This app cost about 3.99 dollars.

Download: Andriod, iOS

10. TouchRetouch:

TouchRetouch is a great photo editing app that enables you to discard unwanted objects. It can discard objects such as power lines, telephone wires, post, trash cans, or street signs. It can also discard pimples, blemishes, and even photobombers. The app has a simple interface and with just a single tap you can discard almost all the objects on your photo. Though, it still has tutorials, just in case you need assistance to know how to use it very well. This app cost about 1.99 dollars.

Download: Andriod, iOS

And there you have it some of the best photo editing apps for Andriod and iOS smartphones.

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