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How to track MoneyGram transactions and all you need to know

Are you quite confused about how to track MoneyGram transactions, we will explore the right way to track a MoneyGram reference number in this post.

Sending or transferring money around the world is common in our world today. MoneyGram is known to be one of the biggest payment transfer companies in the world. And with it sending or receiving money has been made easy with their online and in-person options. But, the ability to track a payment gives an amount of assurance that it will arrive its destination safely.

track MoneyGram transactions and all you need to know

What is MoneyGram?

MoneyGram, as it is popularly called, is actually known as MoneyGram International Inc. It is a company that deals with fund or money transfer and it is situated in the United State of America with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It also has its operations centre in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and regional local offices around the world.

They absolutely trusted all over the world and other bills can also be paid with them. Apart from been reliable, they are also fast and they have over 30,000 reliable locations in the US. They also have about 400 banks and about 350,000 locations around the world.

Can you track MoneyGram Transactions?

MoneyGram tracking is a means whereby money transferred can easily be tracked or means whereby the status of a MoneyGram transfer can be checked easily. You can, of course, track a money gram but you need the MoneyGram reference number check to do so.

When making a MoneyGram transfer always take note of the date of the transfer. This date is as vital as the money you are sending and it is very essential for the MoneyGram tracking process.

You can ask for a quick refund of the money you have transferred if the person you transferred the money to have not received it after two weeks. What you need to do is to fill a claim card or demand for a photocopy.

How many digits is the MoneyGram reference number?

The MoneyGram reference number is a unique 8 digit number which is given to you once you have successfully set the transaction in motion. You can also use this number to track the recipient of your money.

How can I track MoneyGram Transactions reference number?

Tracking of MoneyGram transactions or the status of your transfer can be done in two different ways:

(A) If you have an online account with MoneyGram, it makes the process easy; you just need to log in and view your transaction history.

(B) But, you don’t have to worry if you do not have an account, all you need do is to visit their MoneyGram site and then you follow the following steps below:

1) Click on MoneyGram track HERE.

2) Input your authorization or reference number (it is an 8-digit number that is giving to every transaction when the money has been successfully sent). Note that these numbers are usually sent to the email of the sender

3) Type in your last name.

4) Then click on “track”. to begin.

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Using the MoneyGram toll-free number

Note that you can call the MoneyGram’s customer service number (1-800-MoneyGram) if you misplaced either the authorization or the reference number. All you need do is to give them the sender’s phone number or the receiver’s name coupled with the date you made the transaction and the amount so that the reference number can be given to you.

How to know your Payment Status?

You can always receive information about your MoneyGram transfer.  If you have an online account with MoneyGram, all you need do is to log in, move to the status area on the webpage and there you will find different status descriptors such as:

  • Pending: Pending normally appears immediately the transaction has been initiated, this means that the source of funding is still under verification.
  • In Process: This means that the source of funding has been verified, though the money is still been electronically transferred, therefore it is not yet ready for pick up.
  • Payment Complete: this means that the money is ready though it has not yet been claimed by the receiver.
  • Pick Up: This means the receiver has claimed the money.

Can you track a Walmart to Walmart money transfer

Apart from the MoneyGram platform, you can also transfer money through Walmarts. This is a unique platform used by a lot of people in the U.S and UK. However, it comes with limitations. You cannot track a Walmart to Walmart money transfer. However, you will have to get a reference number from the sender before you can access your funds.

How to receive money from MoneyGram location

If you are sent money from money gram, you can access it by following the steps below:

  1. Find a Moneygram agent location. You can access a full list of these agents via this link.
  2. You will be issued a form, where you must enter the 8-digit reference number sent to you by the sender.
  3. You will also need a valid photo ID alongside. The Moneygram agent will also request the Moneygram fees from you before you can get the money.

There is a transaction limit for Moneygram per day. You can only send up to $2,999 per day or $2,999 per month via this platform. However, this value can also change at anytime. I do believe we have successfully explained how to track MoneyGram. Feel free to send in your questions about the process in the comments section below. Let’s discuss it.

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