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Complete List Of All 9Mobile Data Plans 2023 [Subscription Codes & Prices]

9Mobile is one of the best telecommunication companies in Nigeria . This brand boasts of having one of the fastest internet connections in Nigeria and unbeatable AWOOFs for both calls and texting.

That’s not all, 9Mobile has one of the best data plans for both new and existing subscribers.

9Mobile data bundles work effectively on any device from smartphones to laptops, iPhones, Macbooks, tablets, and other smart gadgets. We tried out some of the data plans offered by 9Mobile, and we were pretty impressed. 9Mobile data plans a very reliable but too expensive compared to MTN, Airtel, or Glo.

Some 9Mobile data bundles come with free access to top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Snapchat (Fair usage applies), and others even come with an upfront bonus.

The upfront bonus allows you to get up to a 50% data bonus when you purchase a data plan bigger than the previous one while it is still valid.

Today, we are here to share some of the things we found out with you. If you need a full list of 9Mobile Data Plan, their subscription codes, and prices, we’ve got it all listed out for you.

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Whether you want to chat on your favorite social media, surf the internet, download file, or just stream videos online, 9mobile got you covered. The daily plan gives you just enough data to perform a quick task over the internet.

There are different daily data plans on Etisalat made just for you. Here are the available 9Mobile plans for you.

9Mobile Daily Data PlanPriceOptin CodeValidity
9Mobile 24MB daily plan₦50*229*3*8#24 hours validity
9Mobile 100MB daily plan₦100*229*3*1#24 hours validity
9Mobile 650MB daily plan₦200*229*3*2#24 hours validity
9Mobile 2GB + Social daily plan₦500*229*3*3#3 days validity


9Mobile daily data plans may not satisfy your data thirst but I bet that 7GB will right? Yes, 9Mobile allows you to enjoy more data with a longer validity than 3 days.

9Mobile gives you enough that last up to a week. This way you can actively stay on the internet for longer and cheaper. These are the hottest 9Mobile weekly bundles right now.

9Mobile Weekly Internet PlanPriceOptin CodeValidity
9Mobile 150MB₦200*229*2*10#7 days validity
9Mobile 1GB + Social daily plan₦500*229*2*1#7 days validity
9Mobile 7GB + Social daily plan₦1,500*229*2*2#7 days validity


Yes, the motherload of all 9Mobile data bundles. With the Etisalat monthly plans, you can stay longer on the internet for a small token of ₦500 or more, you can have enough data that lasts up to 30 days.

Yes, Etisalat also gives enormous data to subscribers like you. If you are looking for more 9Mobile monthly plans, here they are:

9Mobile Monthly Data BundlePriceOptin CodeValidity
9Mobile 500MB monthly plan₦500*229*2*12# 30 days validity
9Mobile 1.5GB monthly plan₦1,000*229*2*7# 30 days validity
9Mobile 2GB monthly plan₦1,200*229*2*25# 30 days validity
9Mobile 3GB monthly plan₦1,500*229*2*3# 30 days validity
9Mobile 4.5GB monthly plan₦2,000*229*2*8# 30 days validity
9Mobile 11GB monthly plan₦4,000*229*2*36# 30 days validity
9Mobile 15GB monthly plan₦5,000*229*2*37# 30 days validity
9Mobile 40GB monthly plan₦10,000*229*4*1#30 days validity
9Mobile 75GB monthly plan₦15,000*229*2*4#30 days validity
9Mobile 30GB monthly plan₦27,500*229*3*1#90 days validity
9Mobile 60GB monthly plan₦55,000*229*5*2#120 days validity
9Mobile 120GB annual plan₦110,000*229*5*3#365 days validity

We already have a post that covers all you need to know on Etisalat night browsing, you should check it out if you want to know more about 9Mobile night browsing in details. Have you seen it?

Ok, great. 9Mobile gives its subscribers access to midnight browsing and weekend surfing depending on which plan you opt for. If you are interested in purchasing any of the available weekend and night plans on 9Mobile, these are the ones available.

9Mobile Night DataPriceOptin CodeValidity
9Mobile 1GB night plan₦200*229*3*11#5 hours validity from 12 AM – 5 AM
9Mobile 2GB evening and weekend plan₦1,000*229*3*12#30 days validity from 7 PM – 7 AM
9Mobile 5GB evening and weekend plan₦2,000*229*3*13#30 days validity from 7 PM – 7 AM

9MOBILE Smartphone Plans

9Mobile also has a special 2-in-1 package for subscribers that allows them to stay longer on the internet and enjoy smart call rates of up to 20 Kobo/sec.

This plan allows you to call friends and family even on other networks for this price. Your charged 40 Kobo/sec when you opt out of the plan. All smartphone plans are valid for 30 days, and you can opt out anytime you want by dialing *229*0#.

9Mobile Smartphone Data PlanPriceOptin CodeValidity
9Mobile 500MB monthly plan₦500*229*2*11#  30 days validity
9Mobile 1GB monthly plan₦1,000*229*2*22#30 days validity
9Mobile 2.5GB monthly plan₦2,000*229*2*33#30 days validity
9Mobile 5GB monthly plan₦3,500*229*2*44#30 days validity
9Mobile 11GB monthly plan₦8,000*229*2*55#30 days validity

9MOBILE Smartpaks

Smart paks are a special subscription package that gives you daily, weekly, and monthly browsing data for a fee. These bundles allow you to chat, stream videos, or enjoy virtual life on any social media of your choice. It also includes smaller paks like Social-Me Pak, Video Pak, and Special smart Pak.

  • 9Mobile Social-Me plan grants you limited access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and any other social media you choose. You can enjoy social access for ₦100 daily, ₦300 weekly, or ₦700 monthly. You can enjoy this plan by dialing *343*6*7#, *343*6*8#, or *343*6*9# to enjoy daily, weekly, or monthly access.
  • The special smart paks give you access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , WeChat, Eskimi, and Kakao Talk. You can only enjoy this plan for 7 days by dialing *343*6*12#. The smart weekly Pak costs ₦700 and gives your a 2GB allowance to enjoy any social media of your choice.
  • The 9Mobile Video Pak allows you to enjoy non-stop video streaming for up to 2 hours on any video streaming app of your choice. You can enjoy 2-hours of non-stop streaming for ₦400 by dialing *229*3*5#.
  • 9Mobile chat paks are also small packages that were used only on selected social networks like Facebook, Wechat, BBM, and Whatsapp for ₦50 daily, ₦150 Weekly, or ₦400 monthly. Simply dial *343*5*5#, *343*5*6#, or *343*5*7# to enjoy unlimited access to this plan daily, weekly, or monthly.  

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